56% of Honduran youth want to migrate after finishing school

The young people claimed to have the desire to leave Honduras for various reasons that FLACSO exposes in its study.

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS. The Research Coordinator of the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO-Honduras), Cesar CastilloThrough an investigative work, he stated that 6 out of 10 young people in the country “have among their plans” to leave Honduras to migrate to the United States.

The research is entitled “Survey on youth, violence and migration in seven schools in Honduras, 2018.” The work is part of an analysis on the subject of immigration carried out by the International Migration Observatory (OMIH).

As established, the report aims to delve deeper into the issue of immigration as well as being able to provide a better alternative for Honduran policies.

«The study addresses the issue of migration in Honduras and mainly in young people, related to the issue of violence, because much is said that violence is related to migration, however, we found very few writings that give us evidence of that relationship and this study allows us to access scientific data on this synergy, “said Castillo.


The investigative work was carried out in different educational centers located in various sectors of Honduras, including San Pedro Sula and Choluteca.

In these educational centers, 2,087 students who were in their last year of school were surveyed. 44.99% of these young people said they planned to go to the US, while 28.73% said they would try migrate to Spain.

3.60% commented on their intention to go to France and 3.16% to Italy, says part of the report.

Every year thousands of people decide to migrate to the United States.

Regarding the reason why they wanted to migrate, 60% said they wanted to leave Honduras to find work, another 11.04% said that their objective was reunite with their relatives abroad.

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Gangs and corruption

How can we attack these problems? The study shows us that it should not only be approached from the issue of heavy-handed violence, but rather attacking other issues that have to do with access to health and education for the population and this is from the perspective of these young people who are between the ages of 15 and 19 years, “explained the specialist.

Castillo stressed that among the results of the investigation, it was also discovered that the subject of violence plays an important role in migration. 68% of youths respondents said that at some point they were victims of insecurity.

Also, more than 47% of the students specified having had problems with gangs. In addition, others commented to have been extorted and witnesses to police corruption, among other social problems.

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