51 Worldwide Games It has been with us for some time now, on Nintendo Switch, so we can enjoy these 51 classic games wherever we want, when we want and, most importantly, how we want. Thus, as is very common in today’s video game industry, this title has also released a new update that fixes bugs, 1.1.2, so that players can enjoy the best possible experience by reliving these classic games. Pay attention to the following lines to know the main changes that are introduced with each one of them!

51 Worldwide Games already has a new update to correct a few minor errors

What’s New in Version 1.1.2 of 51 Worldwide Games:

In Parcheesi, when no piece of the board can be moved, you can now roll the die again as many times as it would have been configured at the beginning.
The maximum counter number for all games has been increased from 99 to 999.
Synchronized communication stability when playing online has been improved.
In Riichi mahjong, a bug that caused 1,000 of the marker’s points to disappear when Ron was called at the same time as Riichi has been fixed.
In Riichi mahjong, a bug that allowed players to win prematurely has been fixed.
In Riichi mahjong, a bug that caused players to make a move that allowed them to win before time has been fixed.
In Forsaken, a bug has been fixed where the CPU stopped moving, making it impossible to continue progressing.
In Texas Hold’em, a bug has been fixed that caused some information in the Best Personal Records section to be displayed incorrectly.
Fixed a bug that prevented the game from progressing when following specific steps in Last Card, Fishing, Riichi mahjong, Chinese checkers, billiards (9-ball), checkers, chess, shogi, mini shogi, backgammon, and cars.
Fixed several minor bugs to improve the player experience.


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