Jean-Marie Bigard launched an appeal to succeed in collecting the 500 signatures in order to be able to run for president. What revive the rumors about his political ambitions.

Ira? Will not? A few weeks ago, Jean-Marie Bigard seemed to have definitively drawn the line on sambitions for the presidential election. After creating the buzz, explaining that he could be tempted by a candidacy, the comedian had fallen into line.

I don’t know anything about politics and I never wanted to do it. I’d be torn to pieces if I got into the field. So I prefer to yell in the gallery

he confided in an interview with Society.

But, the case may not be completely closed.

Jean-Marie Bigard wants to collect signatures

This Wednesday July 29, 2020, Jean-Marie Bigard has indeed launched a surprising call sure his Twitter account. He indeed sets out in search of ” 500 signatures to screw up a hell of a mess“. A legend that is accompanied of a surprising video. Dressed in a “Bigard President” t-shirt and installed in front of a bouncy castle, he launches into a surprising tirade.

I am in front of my castle as the future president. I still have to have a castle, the Elysée, it’s ugly, I prefer that.

Further on, he launches into the main part.

So there you have it, I only need the 500 signatures, well, I already have a few. Spontaneously, there are mayors who contacted me, who told me that they were Ok. What a good thing it would be to have my 500 signatures before everyone else.

As a reminder, in order to stand for the French presidential election, it is necessary to obtain 500 sponsorships. A step intended to put a stop to fanciful applications. Now remains to know if the appeal of Jean-Marie Bigard will be heard.

Before Lola Marois Bigard continues to think of herself as the next First Lady, however, it would be useful to remind her the reality of the numbers. According to a first poll, her husband would have 13% of the votes in the first round. Far from being enough to be able dream of the Elysee.