500 British cars up for auction (including museum)


ACD avatar ACD June 23, 2021

The relatives of a “crazy” by British cars put their collection of 500 copies on sale next to the museum that houses them.

Most of the time we tell you stories of spectacular cars that go up for auction and lots of automotive jewelry that are put up for sale for the pleasure of the most staunch collectors. However, today surpasses any previous event, since we talk about the auction of 500 classic cars of British origin and the museum that houses them.

But let’s tell the whole story. New Zealander Ian Hope had a singular fascination for British cars and he devoted his entire life to creating what is perhaps the largest British car museum in the world.

He managed to accumulate 500 cars in a huge old packing shed near Haumoana in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand and spent years guiding interested visitors through rows of Vauxhalls, Triumphs, Hillmans, Bentleys and Daimlers, among others.

A lover of British cars

British car museum in New Zealand

3 photos British car museum in New Zealand


Hope, who had no children, died in 2019 at the age of 77 and left the entire collection and buildings in a trust run by her nephews who, since they live in various parts of the world with families and businesses of their own, have taken over the difficult decision to sell the lot through auction by contest that ends next July 7.

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“It had the goal of being the largest British car museum in the world, and it succeeded,” said one of Hope’s nephews, Mark. “He has more British vehicles in this museum than anywhere else in the world”.

DBA Speedback GT, reinterpreting the James Bond car (picnic included)

The range of cars is immense, from Morris Minors to Vauxhalls, through Austins and Triumphs. “It’s basically about the cars that you and I learned to drive in. We did not learn at Ferraris and Maseratis, we learned to drive at Morries and Ford Prefects and Mark 3 Zephyrs, ”Hope himself explained.

Until the end, Ian Hope continued to proudly display a photo of Queen Elizabeth II, but almost with irony. his last vehicle was not BritishBut an American left-hand drive Hearse that he also owned.

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