5 ways they can beat the crime syndicate (& 5 why they can’t)

When Earth is in danger, the Avengers approach the plate. A group of some of the greatest heroes in history, the Avengers have faced the greatest threats in the Marvel Universe from day one. Few teams have the hero caliber they do and few enemies have proven to be a match for them. The current roster of the team combines skill, power and experience in a package that has proven to be almost unbeatable.

The Crime Syndicate is an alternate universe Justice League from a world where evil is dominant. Like the DC Multiverse, there have been multiple iterations of the team, but one thing is always certain: They are a problem for any hero they encounter in any universe.

10 Avengers: Unparalleled Teamwork

Although the Avengers have always had many powerful members, they don’t just win their fights with brute force. The Avengers are known for their teamwork, working together in battle to make them more than the sum of their parts. Although the team does not always get along with each other, when the fight begins they are at their best.

Teamwork is an important part of any team and is an area in which the Avengers have the Crime Syndicate completely beaten. The Avengers came together because there were threats they couldn’t defeat on their own, so the team members work together, eliminating anything that stands in their way.

9 Crime Syndicate: Control of Network Technology

Each of the Avengers members brings something different to the table and one of those things is amazing technology. Between Iron Man’s mighty armor and Black Panther’s Wakanian technology, the Avengers have a lot of technology to turn to. However, all those advanced pieces of equipment are vulnerable to the Net.

An evil version of Cyborg, Grid is also attached to a Mother Box and this allows him to control any technology. Taking away their technology and effectively castrating Iron Man will take away many of the Avengers’ options, giving the Crime Syndicate a huge advantage.

8 Avengers: The Most Experienced Heroes Around

The Avengers work so well because of how much the team members have faced each other, both together and individually. Together, the team has faced some of the most dangerous villains the Marvel Universe has to offer, and separately, each member brings something very different to the table. This has allowed them to persevere in almost any situation imaginable.

There are few teams with the extensive experience of the Avengers; The current roster combines the experiences of heroes as disparate as Captain America, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, the Ghost Rider and more. This group is ready for anything they come across.

The Crime Syndicate 7: Deathstorm Molecular Control

The Avengers have some pretty great powers, with powerhouses like Thor, Captain Marvel, and Doctor Strange giving the team a ton of energy. The Crime Syndicate is not without its quota of heavyweights and one of the most dangerous is the evil version of Firestorm, Deathstorm. Death Storm is extremely dangerous and its greatest power is the ability to control matter.

With a thought, Deathstorm can transmute matter; it’s made of the same stuff, after all, and it can control it all. Combine that with a vicious streak and no member of the Avengers will be safe from an attack from him, attacks that could easily be very lethal.

6 Avengers: The Caliber of Leadership

Another place where the Avengers have always excelled is in leadership; Simply put, the Avengers have always had some of the best leaders in all of the comics. The current roster of the team is no exception, with Black Panther as the team leader. Black Panther runs his own country and is a master at leading people into battle.

Additionally, Captain America is also on the current roster. Although he is not the team leader, he can easily step in if Black Panther is incapacitated and lead the team. Even if he doesn’t take command, T’Challa is a smart enough leader to use everything he has, including the Captain’s brilliant tactical acumen, to lead the Avengers to victory.

5 Crime Syndicate: A Victory Story

One of the things about villains is that they have gotten used to losing; Sure, they get some victories but in the long run, heroes always win. That’s not a crime syndicate problem. In their land, they are the ones who always win; Although they have been defeated when they have faced the Justice League, they have also been able to give the team some serious losses.

The Crime Syndicate are the « heroes » of their universe, used to winning and being on top. This gives them a huge moral advantage: they know they can win because they have. In fact, they have even been able to wrest control of Earth’s super powerful community from the heroes, not an easy task. This makes them extremely dangerous.

Avengers 4: A Deep Reserve Bank

The Crime Syndicate has shown that they can be quite successful against their heroic enemies. As good as the Avengers are, and as good as the current roster is, there is always a better chance that the Crime Syndicate will take them out. However, just because the main team is defeated doesn’t mean the Avengers are out of the fight.

The Avengers have one of the deepest reserve banks in comics; the team has consisted of a who’s who from the Marvel Universe and when the chips are down, they can call on them. With such a backing, it’s easy for the Avengers to turn any loss into a victory.

3 Crime Syndicate: A Team of Powerful

The Crime Syndicate is not very subtle. They don’t win their battles by meticulously planned attacks, although they do have Owlman, a master of tactics, on the team. Instead, they rely on his brute strength to win their battles and he rarely lets them down. The Crime Syndicate’s roster consists of some strangely powerful villains and their combination of power and lack of morality has served them well.

Add in the fact that DC heroes and villains are often much more powerful than their Marvel counterparts and this gives the Crime Syndicate a huge advantage over the Avengers.

2 Avengers: Variety is the Spice of Victory

The Crime Syndicate is a collection of extremely powerful beings, from Power Ring to Johnny Quick and Ultraman. They use this brute force to win their battles; there is not much subtle about them. In fact, at the power level, they have the Avengers completely outgunned. However, the Avengers are usually outmatched in some way and what gives them victory is something quite simple: variety.

The Avengers have always had highly varied rosters, and each hero has a different area of ​​expertise. While there was often some overlap of powers – multiple people who can fire energy blasts or have super strength, for example – the wide variety of powers and abilities has allowed them to triumph over all manner of enemies.

1 Crime Syndicate: Not Many Weaknesses to Exploit

The last time the Crime Syndicate hit Earth, they were able to easily defeat the heroes and only lost because the League’s enemies rallied together to defeat them. The enemies of the Justice League knew how to fight their nemesis’ evil counterparts, who had similar weaknesses to the heroes they were used to fighting, and this made a huge difference in battle; they knew what they were up against. The Avengers wouldn’t have this luxury, they know nothing about the Crime Syndicate.

The villains don’t have many weaknesses that the Avengers can exploit and that’s going to be a problem for them; per capita, the Crime Syndicate makes the Avengers vanquish and their complete lack of qualms about using their powers makes them a threat unlike any the Avengers have ever faced.