Companies promote Organizational Values ​​and each person must also apply their Personal Values ​​in their working life.

Personal Values ​​help us to enhance our Personal Brand and generate profitability. We must contribute with our actions generating a healthy work environment, the work dynamics have changed, this implies that we must adapt to the New Normality.

On the one hand, there is talk of empowering employees, but it is also real that we should not give power to a person who does not act with values.

Companies seek competitiveness and talent, but to be employable it is not enough to have noble titles, you must have a good attitude and personal values.

We all yearn for Economic Reactivation, but this is not achieved by humiliating people, Anti-Values ​​damage your Personal Brand and your Employer Brand, avoid them!

In this New Reality, the Personal Brand or Personal Branding takes on greater relevance, as the Recruitment will focus on your Fingerprint, Values ​​and Personal Brand. It is important to attract and select the right talent for each job in companies, which must connect with Organizational Values; having a strong digital presence is not enough to be employable.

We live in a digital age, it is very easy to make unfortunate comments and publications, so I ask you to act thinking that your Personal Brand can boost your Professional Career or destroy it.

5 Values ​​of your Personal Brand in the New Normality:


Our passage through this life is temporary, but on many occasions we live thinking about accumulating assets, hoarding knowledge and being selfish, we must change our attitude and be more human with our colleagues and society.


In the « New Normal », more than ever we must be jointly responsible for the Policies, Regulations, remember that companies generate documents that allow us to live in harmony in a workplace.


Let us inspire others with our actions, our coworkers, clients, candidates. Let us be a positive seed in life that bears fruit and that our example infects others!


We are currently experiencing complex circumstances due to the pandemic and its consequences as a lack of employment, it is time to redesign our personal lives and readjust ourselves to the « New Reality »


Let us anticipate circumstances or problems that could come, companies have mechanisms to generate Intrapreneurship and take advantage of the talent of their collaborators. Let’s be part of the solutions, let’s be managers of change!


Your Personal Brand and Values ​​will help you to stand out professionally in the New Normal, it is not enough to have noble titles, we are good human beings, who add value to the business.

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