5 trends in decoration 2021 to renovate your home completely

5 trends in decoration 2021 to renovate your home completely
February 22, 2021 01:04 hs

The trends in decoration 2021 they are imposed in the life of the home, according to the new normal for the COVID-19 pandemic. From the kitchen to the living room, even through the home office spaces, these are the new interior design items that you should take into account.

5 decoration trends 2021.

1. The super powerful kitchen: decorating trends reflect the times. Since 2020, a vindication of the kitchen has been registered as the new great space of the home and center of the house.

Kitchens decorated with New York Brick are a trend, composing a style as classic as vintage. For the most glamorous kitchens with a touch of luxury, porcelain tiles with more marked and black veins become relevant.

2. The home office stays at home: the same happens with places equipped as work and study spaces, for which environments with tones that reflect calm, orderly, comfortable and functional are recommended.

3. Colors to decorate: the North American company specialized in colors Pantone chose as a result of an analysis based on the behavior of people and on the psychology of color, two colors aligned with the premise of having a slightly calmer year after 2020.

Utimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow as both colors symbolize and provide resilience and hope. Also the neutral colors of the earth, such as beige, cement and broken whites, will remain at the top of the most precious.

4. Relaxed spaces that are easy to organize and clean: relaxed and easy-to-maintain spaces are a must of the season. Among its allies, we find wood-like porcelain floors in brown tones, also in bedrooms and private areas.

Porcelain tiles are increasingly varied. In addition, in times when new knowledge in hygiene and more effective cleaning methods were adopted, this type of coatings are highly valued as they are not very porous.

5. Outdoor spaces: outdoor spaces were highly coveted in 2020, and this year we are still betting on the outdoors and on nature, its comfort, renewing breeze and sensitivity. For this reason, the gardens at home and the garden corners, hammocks and deckchairs continue to add followers.