your immune system is your main weapon against him COVID-19, And so you can strengthen it!

A strong immune system and working to the hundred, will not only help you protect yourself against a spread of the coronavirus, if you get infected, it helps you fight the virus better and recover successfully.

Therefore, here we leave you these tips to strengthen your immune system against coronavirus and any other disease:

1. Sleep well:

Your body needs sleep to rest and recover, that is why it is super important that you sleep your 8 hours a day, and taking advantage of the days of quarantine, until taking a couple of 30-minute naps each.

2. Eat healthy:

In addition to following the instructions to eat fruits and vegetables, we recommend reducing the amount of sugars in your diet, forget a little about cakes, sugary drinks or fast food.

Instead we recommend eating foods high in vitamins and minerals such as fish, nuts and seeds, yogurt, milk, etc.

3. Do physical activity:

Even if you are at home, try to practice some type of sport, search YouTube video of small exercise or meditation routines, staying active makes your body release bad toxins and regenerate itself.

4. Keep your mind busy:

Do not let boredom and anxiety take over you, take out your board games to live with your family, read your favorite book, you can even put together a puzzle or do a marathon with your favorite series and movies.

5. Spend time with your pets:

It is scientifically proven that playing with your pets and petting them, reduces your levels of stress and anxiety, releases the hormones of happiness and makes you feel much better, this automatically makes your immune system stronger.

Apply them and take care!

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