5 tips to save when using the washing machine at home

Having a washing machine at home can be of great help to avoid paying for this service and save, in the same way you can wash your clothes yourself and give the necessary care to each of your clothes. In the same way, it is more comfortable to have an article of these at home.

If you have a washing machine or you are thinking of buying one but you have not decided yet, we give you 5 tips that you can apply to use it to save water, electricity, time and that the useful life is longer.

Tips for using your washing machine. Photo: Pixabay 1. Use the necessary detergent

Use only the necessary detergent, avoid putting too much since this could affect your finances by having to buy more. Many people have the idea that the more soap they put on their clothes, the cleaner they will be, which is not necessarily the case.

Putting too much detergent could damage your clothes and the washing machine by clogging some ducts of the same, so it is important to only use the amount indicated.

2. Use all available space

In general, washing machines have a capacity, for example, of 10, 15 or 20 kilos, try to wash several clothes to make the most of this. Doing it little by little could imply a greater expense since you are turning it on several times a week and using more soap, water, fabric softener, among other things.

Wait to gather all the necessary clothes so that you can put the full load when it is the day to do laundry.

3. Use cold water

Heating the water that will be used in the washing machine could increase the consumption of electrical energy and many times it is not necessary to do so. Better use the tap water as it is, the results obtained when washing clothes with hot or cold water are minimal.

So if your clothes are not very dirty, it is best not to use hot water, you can also soak them for a few minutes before putting them in the washing machine so that it is easier to remove the stains and you do not have to repeat the wash cycle.

4. Clean the filter

This can help you to make the life of the washing machine longer, in general, all these items have a filter which you must remove and clean, especially if you live in places where the water tends to have more scale.

5. Give it maintenance

Like all electrical appliances, washing machines need regular maintenance, this so that their useful life is longer and also to prevent them from breaking down and you have to invest to buy another.

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