5 tips to save energy when using the fan at home

Having one or more fans in your home can be a good strategy to save energy as this could help you avoid running the air conditioning all day. But it is also important that you are clear that, like any electrical appliance, it also consumes a good amount of light, which could be reflected on your bill.

Although having a fan at home has many advantages, there are some tips that you can apply to use it in the correct way and consume less light. We tell you what you can do to achieve it.

Save by using your fan. Photo: Pixabay 1. Evaluate if you need to turn it on

Many times people tend to turn on the fan out of habit, which is a big mistake since depending on the time of day, you may not need it. For example, if it is night and the environment is cool, evaluate if it really is necessary to turn it on or you can be without it.

In the same way, you can turn it on for moments, when you feel that the space has ventilated enough, you can turn it off for a while.

2. Adjust the speed

Maybe you think it has nothing to do with it, but as long as you set the fan to a higher speed, it consumes more power. So adjust the speed and if possible, set it to the lowest to prevent your receipt from reaching you higher than normal.

3. Good location

Whether it is a ceiling fan or a floor fan, find the best place to put it, for example, if you put it near the stove or an electrical appliance that is on all day, it is very likely that you will not be able to feel cool the environment, this is a result of not being in a good place.

Preferably place it near a window if it is a standing fan, or in the middle of the space you want to ventilate if it is a ceiling fan.

4. Do not use them to dry clothes

Has it happened to you that you need a garment and for the next day and you forgot to wash it early to dry? This situation is more common than you thought and many people to get their clothes ready choose to put them on the fan all night to dry.

This is one of the most common mistakes since when working all night, the fan consumes more light, it is best to avoid these situations.

5. Give it maintenance

Fans also need maintenance, just like you would an air conditioner. Therefore, give yourself time to clean it every month, this will also help prevent it from getting dusty and its useful life is longer.

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