Saying goodbye to summer and starting a new school year is never easy and distance classes can make it even more complicated. That is why we share the best recommendations to make it easier.

The new normal has brought us many changes, especially at school. Taking distance classes is not the same as in a classroom, but adjusting is not as difficult as it seems. Follow these tips to achieve it like an expert.

Establish your routine

Getting up with enough time to get ready, have breakfast and get everything you need ready will make you start your classes more prepared and with more enthusiasm.

Plan your look as if you were going out

When we are at home we always want to be comfortable, but if you choose clothes that you feel incredible in, you will be more motivated every day.

Have a designated space

Pick a place in your home where you can have everything you need close at hand and have a minimum of interruptions. This will help you pay attention and avoid distractions.

Date breaks from the screen

With all the time you will have to spend in front of your computer, it is important that you give yourself space to rest.

Get organized!

Make a weekly calendar with the schedules of your classes to have all your tasks under control. Remember, the Aprende en Casa II program will serve more than 30 million students in initial education, preschool, primary, secondary and high school with an official validity plan. All contents are the responsibility of the SEP.

Here you can find the channel you should tune in:


(Eleven Girls and Boys, Televisa, TV Azteca)

Chain 1: channels 11.2 and 5.2

Chain 2: channel 7.3


(Television Image)

Chain 3: channel 3.2


(Ingenio TV, Millennium Television)

Chain 4: 14.2 and 6.3

In addition, the channels will be available on the Educational Radio Broadcasting Network

and Cultural de México, the Public Broadcasting System of the Mexican State

and in cable systems (Megacable, Total Play, StarTV, Claro Video, Dish, Izzi,

Axtel and Sky).

In some televisions the channels are tuned automatically, but in others it is necessary to carry out the following procedure:

Press the MENU key on the remote control
Select the option indicated as INSTALLATION or CONFIGURATION
Select the CHANNEL SEARCH option (it may have a similar name)
Choose the option indicated as AUTOMATIC SEARCH or TUNE


The TV will find and add all available channels
Once the process is finished, the channels will be registered.

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