5 tips to cook at home and save at the same time

Do you like to cook at home but don’t know how you can save to make this more efficient for you? You should know that the first step has been taken since preparing your food at home and not ordering at home will save you a little.

Now, there are some tips that you can apply so that cooking becomes a task that does not take much of your money, for example, reducing the use of electrical appliances, baking for less time so as not to use so much gas, among other things. So take note and keep saving by applying them.

Follow these tips to save while you cook. Photo: Pixabay 1. Take advantage of your oven

If you have a large oven, you can take advantage of cooking several things at the same time, in this way you will spend less time in the kitchen and the gas consumption will be less, it is only a matter of organizing yourself and putting several dishes in the oven Remember to be aware of the times of each one to remove them at the correct time and that they are not going to burn.

Similarly, you can turn off the oven before cooking time and take advantage of the remaining heat to finish it. Another tip is to avoid opening the oven when you are cooking since every time you do it, much of the heat in it comes out.

2. Cooking for several days

One way to save electricity is to cook for several days, in this way you can make better use of the resources you have. It is always better to reheat food than to prepare it from scratch.

If you eat rice or vegetables several days a week, prepare them for the whole week and only heat them when you are going to use them.

3. Use the pressure cooker

While it is true that cooking over low heat can give you more opportunity to measure the doneness of each food, using the pressure cooker can help you reduce times and thus use less LP gas.

These types of pots work using heat in less time, by using a pressure cooker you can save up to 50% than if you cook the same dish in a normal pot.

4. Use the right pan

Whether you use a gas or electric stove, using the right skillet can help you save. By this we mean that it is one that occupies all the space of the burners.

If you use a smaller pan, you may need more time for your food to be ready, in the same way it is important that the bottoms of the pots are flat, since they help to conduct the heat more regularly.

5. Cover the pots

When you are cooking some food it is important that you keep the pots or pans with a lid, this so that the cooking is faster and you take advantage of all the heat. In the same way, you will ensure that the food cooks evenly and it will also taste better.

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