5 times Sasuke saved Sakura’s life (and 5 times she saved him)

Sakura and Sasuke’s relationship was one of Naruto’s plot lines. Sakura had been in love with Sasuke for most of her life. Sasuke’s feelings for Sakura were a bit more reserved. Sakura was willing to do anything for Sasuke, even give her life to protect him.

Sasuke cared for Sakura as his teammate and comrade, although he was not yet ready for a romantic relationship. On several occasions he was willing to give his life to protect her. Both Sasuke and Sakura were willing to selflessly protect themselves from danger. Their mutual compassion was one of the pillars of their relationship.

10 Sakura kept Sasuke from falling into the void

In a flashback episode of Naruto Shippuden, Team 7 is shown escorting Idate to Tea Country. When the group is attacked, Sasuke tries to use his Chidori against the enemy. The enemy easily catches Sasuke and throws him into the air.

Sakura runs to his side. When the bridge that Sasuke owns begins to crumble, Sakura tries to get him to safety. They both end up falling off a cliff. Sakura uses her chakra to try to stop her fall. Get them to land safely on a ledge, several meters above the water.

9 Sasuke rescued Sakura after being kidnapped

As she reminisces, Sakura recalls an old mission from when she was younger. The genin of Team 7 are sent to retrieve a stolen gold statue. The thieves kidnap Sakura. Naruto and Sasuke end up with their dominant hands sticking together.

Sasuke originally wanted to continue the mission, abandoning Sakura. Naruto reminds him that they are a team. Naruto and Sasuke are forced to work together as they try to rescue Sakura from her kidnappers. The two boys manage to rescue their teammate.

8 Sakura inadvertently saved him

In Boruto, an adult Sasuke is transported to the past. While in the past, he has several brief encounters with the much younger Sakura. At one point, he drops a note handed to him by his daughter, Sarada.

Sakura picked up the ruined note but could barely read it. He saw Sasuke’s name on the note. Instantly he set out to question the stranger about what he knew about his missing friend. When she discovers the wounded man, she uses her medical skills to heal him. As a result, he faints.

7 Sasuke saved his former teammates from infinite tsukuyomi

When Sasuke shows up to help fight Kaguya, Sakura can’t help but notice his disregard for her safety. There was a time when Sasuke steps in and saves his former teammates from Tsukuyomi Infinity.

Sakura is discouraged when she hears Sasuke say that he didn’t mean to save her or Kakashi. He was only interested in saving Naruto, and the other two were only close to him. Naruto calls Sasuke, saying that Sasuke must have instinctively saved them.

6 Sakura saved Sasuke from death

In Boruto’s manga, Sasuke and Naruto followed Boruto after he was transported to another dimension. Sasuke and Naruto start fighting Isshiki Otsutsuki. The two are no match for their opponent, and both are greatly weakened by the fight.

Sasuke is forced to teleport, leaving Naruto behind. Naruto is sealed by Isshiki as Sasuke lands near Sakura. Sakura is surprised to discover her husband unconscious and seriously injured. Sakura takes Sasuke to the hospital and begins to heal him.

5 Sasuke kept Sakura from falling

When Gaara’s village decides to attack the Leaf Village, they manage to put most of the shinobi in Konoha to sleep. Sakura uses her affinity for genjutsu to dispel the attack while Sasuke chases after Gaara. Sakura wakes up Naruto, and they begin to follow Sasuke.

Sakura tries to help Sasuke, but Gaara knocks her out and grabs her. Sasuke tries everything to stop Gaara, but fails. Naruto manages to defeat the other ninja. Sakura is finally released. Sasuke catches her in midair. He goes to great lengths to catch the unconscious Sakura and prevents her from falling from a great height.

4 Sakura saved him from doing something he would regret

While Team 7 was participating in the Chunin Exams, they had to face many threats. Naruto and Sasuke were unconscious, leaving Sakura to watch over them. She had to try her best when an enemy came to attack.

He cut his hair to protect them. When Sasuke saw her, he was instantly angry. He fought off Sakura’s attackers, not bothering to hold back. Sakura appealed to him and managed to stop him. Sasuke was visibly shocked by what he had done. Sakura stopped him from doing something that Sasuke had regretted.

3 Sasuke was willing to sacrifice himself to save her

During one of Team 7’s first missions, the team had to escort a bridge builder to the Land of Waves. The bridge builder, Tazuna, was the target of a series of assassination attempts. When an enemy started heading towards Tazuna, Sakura stepped between them.

Sasuke reacts quickly. He stands in front of Sakura. He doesn’t have time to counter the oncoming attack, but he’s ready to take the damage. He was ready to give his life if necessary.

2 Sakura helped Sasuke rejoin the fight

During the fight with Kaguya, Sasuke finds himself trapped in another dimension. He wanders the sand dunes, seemingly cut off from the fight forever. Obito and Sakura combine their skills to search for Sasuke.

They search through different dimensions, searching for their missing ally. Sakura’s chakra is failing. The two seem to have failed when Sakura collapses. Sasuke catches her. Sakura had managed to rescue Sasuke so that he could rejoin the fight against Kaguya. She saves him from being trapped in another dimension.

1 Sasuke protected his wife from the Uchiha clones

Sakura is captured by a group of clones made with Uchiha genes. Under the direction of the clones, the oldest clone is forced to operate. Sakura is outraged by the opinions expressed by her patient and decides to attack.

Sakura shows impressive ability when fighting the older Shin Uchiha. He doesn’t hold back in revealing how amazing he can be as a ninja. Despite Sakura’s abilities, Shin is able to gain the upper hand. Sasuke arrives just in time to help her.