5 things that should be removed in modern cars | Motor

Some aspects of modern cars should be valued and perhaps eliminated today, right?

Surely on many occasions you have heard that all past times were better, and the truth is that sometimes it can be applied in the automotive sector. And it is that, although it is true that many of the novelties that the contemporary car contributes are necessary and useful, there are some points that do not end up being as important or safe as they should.

With this premise, today we bring you 5 things we would eliminate from the modern car because they are not so decisive and, in some cases, even dangerous because they are a greater distraction for the driver.

Do you use Android Auto in your car? If the answer is yes, take note of the applications that you cannot miss to get the most out of it.

Touch buttons

We do not know very well why, but lately the brands have resorted to an extremely minimalist current in the interior of the car. We recognize it, a cabin with everything reduced to the maximum is very beautiful and much cleaner, but it is not as safe or as ergonomic as many paint it.

And we are tired of having to look away from the road to be able to increase the volume or regulate the air conditioning by means of a touch button, functions that, until not long ago, were at the stroke of physical roulette.

Screens and more screens

Now the whole screen It is also very fashionable, another resource that is also spectacular to look at but is not as useful as it seems. And it is that with this application of a thousand and one touch screen in the cabin, we are exposed to two scenarios: take our eyes off the road again to hit the right button and go crazy looking in countless menus for functions that should be at our fingertips quickly and easily.

Driving assistants

It is true that today’s car has important safety measures that are very useful, such as the blind spot warning. However, there are others that are somewhat desperate for being too intrusive in its operation, like the involuntary lane change.

And it is that it acts abruptly in certain maneuvers in which we remove the turn signal ahead of time or simply at the minimum that we step lightly on the line, causing a considerable swivel that, if caught off guard, can be dangerous.

Electric handbrake

We know that space and comfort are saved, but it is desperate at times not to have a hand brake lifelong manual. Now, firms are betting on a button, which although it may be more comfortable, its function is subject to an electrical system that can fail causing a rather complicated situation.

Integrated air conditioning

Another hobby is enter the air conditioning system on the screen itself. We know, it saves space and the design is improved, but we do not want to enter a thousand different menus to be able to lower or raise the temperature, when it is as simple as placing two small wheels, especially when the voice assistants do not work so well enough to pass these functions into such an extremely uncomfortable context.

This article was published in Top Gear by Javier López.