5 steps you must follow to improve your landing pages

Having a good landing page is crucial for any campaign, from Tech Jury it is shared that those that are good can generate conversions of up to 5.31 percent or more of the visitors, a figure that is undoubtedly more interesting than the average they have. among all industries, which reaches 2.35 percent. Therefore, if you want to have better pages of this type, it is worth taking a look at the recommendations that we identify and share below.

According to Business2Community, to create a better landing page, these are the 5 steps to follow:

Find out what other brands do for inspiration

This first step is about researching companies that are admired or like the ones they aspire to be. You must identify what is attractive in terms of your design, product, voice and then you have to write these observations.

It can stand out that they use a particular font, color palette, certain types of photos, or how they describe themselves on the page.

Be extremely clear with who the target audience is. The more closed the niche, the better

Finding a niche is considered a crucial step in promoting a business and therefore important for landing pages. The target audience should be people who want to buy what you are selling, and with whom the values ​​of the brand are shared.

According to the source, one of the critical aspects of branding is identifying the target audience. If this step is skipped, the rest of the branding strategy will not be effective.

Establish your brand design guidelines

If your brand already has guidelines that are followed through the different marketing channels, you already have an advantage here. But if not, it will be necessary to create design guidelines so that everything works out better along the way, not just with the landing page.

As the source explains, when you have a clear understanding of what the brand stands for, it becomes easier to figure out how to present things virtually to the audience. You will want to use colors, images, fonts that are not only attractive to the brand, but also have a certain tone or food that you want to convey to the audience.

Link your landing page to a custom domain

Unlike websites, landing pages can be created quickly and easily, even profitably with certain specialized tools. It can be customized down to the domain to make the ark recognizable.

For example, it is much easier for people to type into the browser than it is to remember the IP address.

With the above in mind, it is advisable to link the page with the domain as this is beneficial in terms of branding, customer trust and the ability to be discovered.

Integrate content that tells the story of the brand in a unique way

Finally, consider that every landing page can include more than just text or a registration form. Tell the story of your maca in a dynamic and interactive way by adding embedded content, for example, adding a video, a social media post, among other things.