5 scandalous secrets of McDonald’s products

Some chain employees recommend always checking your McDonald’s order.

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McDonald’s is one of the most popular companies in the United States, it has some secrets that, without a doubt, you will be surprised to know them. Next, we share five of them, so that you take them into account when placing your order.

1 – Iced tea

You’ve probably noticed that McDonald’s iced tea is very, very sweet. The reason for this is that recipe includes a five pound bag of sugar for a five gallon bucket of tea.

This means that there is about a pound of sugar in a gallon of McDonald’s tea.

2 – McDonald’s charges you more for certain ingredients

This happens, for example, with the Poor Man’s Big Mac hamburger, for which They charge you an extra $ 0.30 cents for Mac sauce and between $ 0.20 and $ 0.30 cents more for the lettuce that arrives.

On the other hand, if your burger has an ingredient that you don’t want, you can change it for a similar one for free. For example, if you don’t like Mac sauce, you can swap it for ranch sauce and pay nothing extra.

3 – They could give you a simple hamburger when you ask for a double

One of the best tips to follow when shopping at McDonald’s (and really anywhere) is to check your order. And, if you ask for a double quarter pound, you should see that it does bring two pieces of meat.

And, according to Eat This, Not That, there are employees who say that about one in three times these burgers are delivered single rather than double.

This is obviously unintentional and is simply common human error. The good part about it is that if they make a mistake and give you fewer pieces of meat, you can get an apple pie for free as compensation.

4 – Don’t order from the breakfast menu too late

McDonald’s breakfast items can be ordered anytime, not just in the morning. However, in social networks and discussion forums there are workers of the hamburger chain who do not advise buying these products in the afternoon or at night.

The problem is that these products will have been reheating for hours by then, since they are prepared from the morning.

5 – Employees do not wear gloves when preparing food

This might sound unhealthy, but there is a reason for this, as instead of gloves, McDonald’s has a hand washing system.

The workers, every hour, take the time for everyone to wash their hands. It should be noted that wearing gloves would not be more hygienic, because bacteria accumulate on the hands if they are not replaced every hour.

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