The transfer market last summer was historic in the NBA by number and by significance in the movements of many of the players. Men like Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonad or Paul George changed franchises. Others like Lebron James They managed to lure Anthony Davis to the Lakers. This next market, which does not know when it will be because we do not know yet when the season will end, also has very juicy pieces that could change the league for the 2020/21 campaign. We present 5 examples of the always well-informed bleacherreport teammates.

1. Kevin Love to the Warriors

Kevin Love has a 3-year, $ 91.5 million contract. An atrocity. However, that of Andrew Wiggins, current player of the Warriors, is even worse in the sense of economic burden for those of the Bay: 94.7 kilos at the same time. There is no doubt that an exchange would benefit the Cavs and Warriors: Ohioans would have a hungry younger player and the Warriors would get an experienced player who knows what it is like to win the NBA in a minor role.

2. Jrue Holiday to the Bucks

Holiday has 53 kilos to collect in two years if it decides to exercise its player option from 2021/22. He is a player in full maturity, a different base, much more scorer than Bledsoe. It would be of great help to Anteto in the search for the long-awaited ring. In addition, the Pelicans are willing to transfer him, they bet on Zion, Ingram and Ball.

3. Zach LaVine to the Kings

In 2018 the Kings made an offer to LaVine of $ 78 million and four years. The Bulls tied it and the point guard stayed at CHicago. However, the player is not happy in the Windy City. The sports project is not attractive and the Kings, in the midst of rebuilding to try to return to the playoffs, could bet on him once he has demotivated having an All Star level.

4. Buddy Hield to the Sixers

Hield has a long contract with the Kings, until 2024, gaining more than 20 kilos in all the campaigns. The Sixers need a breath of fresh air and he could give it to them to improve the outside shot. It would be a piece that could improve Richardson.

5. Aaron Gordon to the Wolves

Gordon has a contract with the Magic until 2022 (34 kilos between the next two seasons). However, things with him do not finish working on a sports level and in Minnesota he would fit perfectly. With Towns’ interior gameplay, he would find more room for his shots and penetrations. It can be an important piece for the reconstruction of the team with D’Angelo Russell, Juancho Hernangómez and company.