Getting a ring is the dream of any player who has managed to reach the NBA. Many stars have been left unable to kiss the Larry O’Brian trophy. Karl Malone, John Stockton, Charles Barkley, Allen Iverson etc. They couldn’t kiss the honeys of success, despite having great careers.

Other players, however, have known how to be at the right time and in the right place and have taken several rings, without being especially important in achieving them. In this article we are going to review a milestone that LeBron James wants to make possible this year: that of getting rings with 3 different teams, paying attention to players who either achieved it or were close.

07/29/2020 08:07

The Lakers star reveals his great motivation to face this final phase of the NBA and talks about his attitude towards the option of the ring.

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1. Robert Horry

Teams with which he achieved the championship: Rockets, Lakers and Spurs

One of the luckiest players in NBA history. The power forward got two rings with the Rockets, 3 with the Lakers and 2 more with the Spurs and only in 2 of them was it really important. In 2002, O’Neal and Bryant’s three-peat team was on the ropes in the Western Finals against the Kings. However, a triple of this strange element called Horry served to win a game that gave wings to some Lakers, who were already unstoppable.

3 years later, in the Finals against the Pistons, again another triple served to win that ring. Horry averaged just over 7 points in his NBA career, but he is the most successful player in history after several members of those magical Celtics of the 60s.

2. John Salley

Teams with which he achieved the championship: Pistons, Bulls and Lakers

If we were talking about the luck in Horry’s choice of teams, what about Salley? In his first two rings with the Detroit « Bad Boys », it can be said that he had some importance. He was not a starter, far from it, but he was a player who played about 20 minutes on average and was part of the roatation.

However, in the other two rings that he got at the end of his career, he knew how to fully choose his destiny. In the ring with the Jordan Bulls in 1996, he did not average a point per game and his presence was testimonial, something similar to what happened to him in the Lakers in 2000.

3. Horace Grant

Teams with which he achieved the championship: Bulls and Lakers

In the first « three-peat » that the Jordan Bulls achieved, Horace Grant was a very important player, as could be seen in the documentary « The Last Dance ». This served to sign him for the Orlando Magic, a team in which he formed a great couple with another of the players that we will see in this article: Shaquille O’Neal. They both tried to beat the Olajuwon Rockets, but failed.

Later, just before his retirement, he signed for the Lakers and landed his fourth ring in 2001.

4. Shaquille O’Neal

Teams with which he achieved the championship: Lakers and Heat

« Big Diesel » is one of the best centers in NBA history. His dominance was rarely seen and he is the player on the list who played the most role in his team’s successes.

The first ring attempt was, as we said before, with the Magic when he was still an inexperienced player. Later, he was part of that dream couple with Kobe Bryant who gave 3 rings in the Lakers and, finally, got another ring in the 2006 Heat.

5. Dennis Rodman

Teams with which he achieved the championship: Pistons and Bulls

5 rings for a player who dominated the League in the rebounding aspect, as he had not seen for a long time. The « Worm » was a player as controversial as essential in the two teams with which he got the ring. Both the Bulls and Pistons needed that defensive energy that Rodman breathed.

Before those titles with the Bulls, the center was in some Spurs that gave a lot of war to the Olajuwon Rockets that we have talked about, but that they did not manage to beat them.

Now it is LeBron’s turn. « The King » has won the title with the Heat and Cavaliers, it is time to do it with the Lakers and add a new record to his long career.