Today is Monday May 25 and these are the main news of the day:

1. The police obtained a video where it is seen when the mother of a 9-year-old autistic boy pushes him to a channel. Telemundo 51 spoke to witnesses who managed to rescue Alejandro Ripley when he drowned. But authorities say Patricia Ripley, 45, left that first channel with her son and ended up drowning him in another channel in Kendall.

2. There is already a date for the reopening of the beaches, community pools and hotels in Miami-Dade. Mayor Carlos Giménez said it will be June 1. This reopening comes after shops and beauty salons opened in Miami Beach and other cities in the county.

3. An order from the Florida Governor prohibiting evictions until June 2 will run until at least August 23. The court order prohibits landlords from evicting their tenants if they receive federal rental subsidies. You also won’t be able to get them out if you bought the property with government-backed mortgage loans.

4. A man was removing the trash from his North Carolina job, when he saw an economic stimulus check and a bill with the recipient’s address. He went with his family to deliver it, but the beneficiary no longer lived there. They insisted on social networks and were able to locate him. Finally the money came into the hands of its owner.

5. Actress Alyssa Milano was criticized on Twitter after sharing with her family, while wearing a yarn-knitted face mask. Twitter users strongly criticized her, noting that the face mask had holes and that she was probably doing nothing. To which Milano replied that there was a filter inside the mask.

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