Today is Wednesday May 20 and these are the main news of the day:

1.- Miami, Hialeah, Miami Gardens and Miami Beach today open offices, shopping centers, stores and pet salons, at 25 percent of their capacity. The marinas and some parks will also open.

2.- Miami-Dade approved a proposal of 12 million dollars, to help small businesses and 10,000 families affected by COVID-19, who have applied for food cards and have not received help. Companies will be able to access a loan of $ 25,000, which they will not have to repay. For this, the county will count on the help of two non-profit organizations.

3.- The Miami-Dade commission approved Commissioner Esteban Bovo’s proposal to postpone any rent increase in affordable housing programs, for the duration of the emergency declaration decreed by the governor, and 30 days later. The decision orders the investigation of whoever has increased the rent in these types of establishments after March 9.

4.- Due to COVID-19, the United States Office of Citizenship and Immigration Services is running out of funds and this could harm immigrants. An agency spokesperson said there could be a 10 percent increase in the price of applications. The citizenship form would remain at $ 798, while the adjustment of status would arrive at $ 1,348.

5.- The North Miami theme park, “Dezerland Park”, will open a drive-in movie theater with restrictions. It will work on Fridays until July 3, at 5 in the afternoon and at 8 at night with a maximum of 150 vehicles per function. The audio of the films will be heard on the car radio and tickets will cost $ 30 per car and can be booked through

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