Today is Friday, May 29 and these are the main news of the day:

1.- Duty-free week begins today on items and supplies needed for the 2020 hurricane season, which begins on Monday. From today until June 4 you can buy candles and lanterns, fuel containers, portable generators. batteries and portable radios, among others, without paying taxes.

2.- The Department of Transportation announced the implementation of the reduction in charter flights to Cuba. There would be 3,600 trips each year to Havana, but not to the center and east of the island. 75% of them would be operated only by two companies for trips from Miami, Fort Myers and Tampa. It is unknown when they will restart, but an increase in the price of the ticket is forecast.

3.- The IRS is alerting people to be aware of the mail, because some economic stimulus payments are being sent on a prepaid debit card, in a simple white envelope, that anyone could confuse and throw away. It is a visa card that can be used in ATMs, online purchases, funds transfers and more.

4.- France, Italy and Belgium mobilized to stop the use of hydroxychloroquine, to treat patients with COVID-19. The WHO also suspended testing the drug. They banned it for safety reasons, except in some clinical trials. Specialists say the risks outweigh any potential benefits. France was one of the biggest advocates of this drug.

5.- And the Somerset Island High School in Los Cayos held a graduation ceremony unique in its style. The director wanted the 2020 class students to have a special moment, so he got on a boat and from there, respecting the rules of social distancing and safety for the boys, he gave them their diplomas and they picked them up on board a jet ski.

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