5 new products that have arrived at Mercadona these days that will surprise you | Life

If you are used to buying at Mercadona, surely you are interested in knowing the new products that it has put on sale these days.

It is one of the most popular supermarket chains, and when they launch new products, they immediately go viral. Modern companies use social media to check the success or failure of their products.

As our colleague Enrique Fernández tells us in Business Insider, since the end of March five new products have been put on sale at Mercadona, which have been very well received by users.

Some of them had already been in the testing phase in some establishments, such as the tahini, but it is now when it has begun to be offered in all the chain’s supermarkets.

It all started on a small farm in Småland, as a family business. The story of how IKEA became the world’s largest home products company is as fascinating as it is inspiring.

Chocolate brownie

This product is sure to delight those with a sweet tooth. The classic American brownie.

It comes in a bag of 8 individual cakes, each one wrapped separately, and costs € 1.80.

Soft lemon cookie

Are baked cookies containing 29% white chocolate and 0.3% lemon essence. With chunks of white chocolate on top. It is sold under its Hacendado white label, like the rest.

Each package has 8 cookies and costs 1.25 euros.

Pizza carbonara stuffed with mushroom sauce

Mercadona has already triumphed with its empanada stuffed with mushroom sauce, so it repeats the move with its new Cabonara pizza stuffed with mushroom sauce.

You can find it in deep-frozen format with a weight of 540 grams and a price of 2.45 euros.

4-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner that sweeps, vacuums, mops and scrubs all kinds of surfaces. It includes a laser system that identifies all the rooms in your house to create a map that you can review from your application. It can be controlled with Alexa and the Google Assistant.


This product has been in some supermarkets for a while, but it is now when it is distributed throughout Spain.

Is about a puree of hulled sesame seeds. It tastes similar to hummus, since it is one of its ingredients. Here we teach you how to prepare homemade hummus.

It is sold in a 200 gram jar at a price of 2.80 euros.

Light plain Greek yogurt

Attention those who are on a diet. The new light Greek yogurt from Mercadona it only has 2% fat, does not contain added sugars, colorants, stabilizers and preservatives.

It is not to be eaten at once, because it comes in a curious format: a bucket with a handle that weighs 1 kg. It costs € 1.95.

Have you already tried any of them?