Definitely music is the answer to many things that happen in our livesMany of us – we include ourselves – make us dance and sing when we listen to it, but in moments as complex as those we are experiencing it seems that check streaming concerts of our favorite artists or play the albums and songs that we like the most seem to be the cure as well as the perfect distractor amid so many news that we read daily about the coronavirus.

Fortunately for us, and despite the fact that many artists had to cancel their live performances, some are leaving to remove brand new tracks or flat discs, to make these moments of quarantine or social isolation much more enjoyable. Especially this April 3 – and as if they had agreed – several musicians decided to release albums for all kinds of listening, from those who all they want is to take their best dance steps or who prefers to put on headphones and lose themselves in the sounds. Now there is even enough to go while we wait for our beloved concerts to return.

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As we know that you probably already got tired of listening to your daily playlist or you don’t even know what series to watch, we have decided to put together a list with five great records that you can take today, tomorrow or any day of the week to distract yourself and take advantage of the time known many interesting proposals.

Thundercat – It Is What It Is

After three years of releasing his latest album, Drunk, bassist and singer Stephen Bruner –Best known in the music industry as Thundercatis back with It Is What It Is, an album that has many interesting details behind it, as it has a lot of collaborations with artists like Kamasi Washington, Steve Lacy, Childish Gambino, Lil B, Louis Cole and more. This material it is a sound journey that takes us between a lot of rhythms and genres, from the more experimental jazz to R&B and fine punk, whose lyrical theme revolves around life and its counterpart until dedicating songs to his closest friends. Over there is a reference to Mac Miller, which emotionally closes the collaboration and friendship that existed between Thundercat and the deceased rapper. One of the albums this week that you can’t miss out on.

Empress Of – I’m Your Empress Of

Lorely Rodríguez –o Empress Of for friends– She is one of those artists who lowers her hand and without making as much noise as she deserves has been breaking it for some years. In 2018 she released Us, an album where she captured the essence of her musical project and which led her to collaborate with artists such as Khalid, MØ, DJDS, but whose sound he perfected with this new record material, I’m Your Empress Of. Throughout 12 songs, the singer and producer takes us through a super danceable and enjoyable pop at first listen but at the same time invites us to pay attention to the introspective lyrics she writes. If you want to play the dance at home, this album is the one for you.

Yves Tumor – Heaven To A Tortured Mind

Yves Tumor is not new to the music scene at allHe, because for a long time he has been composing and playing everywhere where they give him a chance to show his proposal, Curiously, it cannot be pigeonholed in a specific genre, moreover, sometimes the rhythms in its tracks do not change from one moment to the next.. Nevertheless that is the charm of the music it creates, because it invites us to get out of the comfort zone and enter all kinds of sounds, and in this case in Heaven To A Tortured Mind gives a sample of this, because despite the presence of a lot of electric guitars accompanied by wails and deep voices, we cannot classify it as a rock album. We better not tell you more and Let yourself be carried away by the songs that this music created for one of the most important records of your career.

Yaeji – What We Drew

Although in the underground he is a star, Kathy Yaeji Lee Or simply Yaeji is beginning to gain ground in the mainstream. And as if it brings an extremely interesting proposal that those nailed with electronic sounds will love completely. This year the Korean-American producer decided to release a new mixtape (which we could consider as an album) full of a lot of songs that will take you through a lot of emotions, always accompanied by a constant beat that at times he travels between house and hip-hop elements. Yaeji gives us one of those perfect records to put on the headphones, give him play and enjoy each of the textures in his songs.

Kakkmaddafakka – Ontas?

It seems that Kakkmaddafakka was late for the ‘Ontas’ meme train and they have decided to put their new EP in this wayjiar jiar jiar. After releasing his latest studio album, Diplomacy, last year, as well as coming to give a few fun shows to our country, The Norwegian band returns with five tracks ideal for climbing the volume, well each one has its own sound and personality for you to put in every situation of your day, going from the traditional alternative rock of the group to some more elaborate electronic ballads. If what you want is to listen to a collection of songs without so many scrolls, this is completely for you.