5 Netflix series that you should not miss for the world

5 Netflix series that you should not miss for the world | Instagram

If you are looking for something new to see and are tired of the same on Netflix, we will let you know 5 series that you will surely love and will also hook you to the screen with marathon sessions, maybe until you finish it.

As you may know, Netflix is ​​one of the streaming platforms most popular all over the world and this is thanks for its extensive catalog.

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However, sometimes, some productions go unnoticed by other great titles, so here we leave you an outstanding account.

So if you no longer want to do a marathon with Stranger Things, Dark or Narc0s, there are a total of ten series that will have you glued to television for their themes and quality.

And the problem is that many of the titles within the Catalogue They are super hidden and it is almost impossible to find something that you probably did not even imagine.

5 must-see Netflix series:


Green border

Two agents investigate a series of crimes and murders in the Amazon only to discover a great secret hidden by a native tribe.



It is a different romantic comedy in which the protagonist contracts an STD and must visit his s3xual3s partners to undergo a test and there he will meet again with special people in his life.



A miniseries that addresses the circumstances surrounding the assassination of presidential candidate Luis Donaldo Colosio with testimonies from the protagonists.



The plot addresses the daily problems suffered by a Jewish family living in an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood in Jerusalem.



The story revolves around Amy, who has the ability to see spirits that walk among the living in order to commit crimes, and it is her responsibility to avoid them.