Dennis Rodman has returned to the focus of today thanks to The Last Dance. In the documentary focused on Michael Jordan and in the Chicago Bulls champions of the 97/98 season the friend of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has a special role. We can see him in his great rebounding facet, in his time in the Pistons and in anecdotes like the time MJ had to go to Las Vegas to look for him when he met Carmen Electra. Today we retrieve more delicate information about him, about his intimate life. The most important moments of the sexual life of a basketball myth and of the American popular culture of the nineties:

1. Her first masturbation

As he told in an interview for Playboy in 1997, the first time he masturbated was quite late, at age 19. He admitted during the interview that he masturbated regularly and “was an expert from the first time” that he did.

2. Your first time

A year after her first masturbation her first time came. Rodman, according to the book ‘Bad As I Wanna Be’, lost his virginity with a prostitute that a friend had hired in exchange for twenty dollars.

3. His practices with Madonna

According to Rodman, during the time he had relations with Madonna, he never used a condom. This data is credible considering that the ex of the Bulls confessed that the singer would have asked him to have a son. We do not know to what extent this was so, but Rodman assures that she really wanted it: “She was desperate to have a child and she sent me messages in which she claimed to miss me.”

4. His experiences with Carmen Electra

In the documentary The Last Dance we have been able to see the relationship between Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman. Well, according to the worm, she liked to shout racist insults while doing it: “It hit me. I have had sex with many women and none of them called me anything like that.”

5. Your numbers

Wilt Chamberlain claimed to have slept with 20,000 women. Rodman has not gone as far, although in 2015 he claimed to have had relationships with more than 2000. Among them, 500 would have been trying to take advantage of his fortune.