5 mistakes that you also make when putting on a mask

The mandatory use of the mask has been implemented in Spain for several months due to the coronavirus crisis. However, some mistakes continue to be made when using it. Despite being punishable, there are still those who wear the mask hanging from the neck as if it were sunglasses or on the chin. Below we have selected some mistakes that you will surely also make when put on the mask.

Mask with hole

Although it sounds crazy, Ellen Macomber, a well-known American designer has designed and put on sale some hole masks. And the stocks are exhausted in the online store. As she explains, they are very useful to be able to drink with a straw in a bar or restaurant.

However, experts warn that the holeDespite its small size, it significantly shortens the life of the mask. They think it doesn’t make any sense.

What should be done when sitting down to eat or drink in a hospitality establishment? Remove the mask only at the precise moment of consumption. If it must be stored, the ideal is to do it in a cloth bag or a paper envelope.

X’s on the rubbers

This is perhaps the most frequent mistake of all. It is not uncommon to see people on the street with an X on their rubber bands because the mask is too big for them. Although it seems like a good solution, it is not because in this way mask does not fit snugly on cheeks, and respiratory droplets can escape from the sides. To stop the spread of Covid-19, there should be no free space.

Mask Charms

In recent months, mask charms have become very popular. A solution that is sold as ‘comfortable’ and ‘effective’ for those moments when you have to remove your mask. Nothing could be further from the truth. In this way, the inner part of the mask is exposed to aerosols and then, when you put it back on, they can enter your body through the nose and / or mouth.

Useful life

Of course, special attention must be paid to the manufacturer’s instructions on the lifespan of the mask. The recommended time of use of hygienic and surgical is four hours. While fabric masks have to be washed daily.

Below the nose or on the chin

And finally, do not put the mask under your nose or on your chin. In this way it does not provide any kind of protection, neither for you nor for the people around you. If the mask contains particles with coronavirus, germs or dirt, these microorganisms can end up on your fingers and on your face.