Ended the dates over a drink, Jennifer met her five suitors between her toilet and the bathroom. Monday July 27, 2020, M6 broadcast the first episode of its new show called “5 men at home”. The concept ? A single woman in search of true love is about to welcome five men, chosen by the production according to her criteria, at his home in order to get to know each other. And obviously, it was not easy for the main interested. It must be said that meeting the man of his life when you wake up or after a long day at work … it does not make you dream! Questioned by our colleagues from the Parisian, Jennifer confided in her five suitors and behind the scenes of the shoot.

“My house looked like Hiroshima!”

Jennifer is a 36-year-old liberal nurse, located near Marseille and mother of two children. Very unaccustomed to the disorder in her house, the young single woman had to take it upon herself when she saw the five candidates arrive: “One of the candidates landed with three suitcases. He had planned all the outfits: sports, swimsuits. .. There were everywhere in the rooms of my children, where candidates slept in the middle of the cuddly toys. It was a bit intrusive. And some spent more time than me in the bathroom! “, He said. she confided.

For several days, Jennifer had to deal with the different personalities under the watchful eye of the cameras. A perilous exercise which is a real challenge: “There is the one who eats balanced, the one who gets up early, the one who loves a drink… You have to put up with them! In the end, I couldn’t take it anymore. asks the same questions five times “, she explained to the Parisian, without blaming her suitors:” Send five women to a man (…) after a few days, he will exclaim: ‘I can’t take it anymore, take them back!’ “

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