5 Marvel heroes who would be great Jedi (& 5 who would fall to the dark side)

It is not easy to define what a superhero is; for example, is Luke Skywalker a superhero? Many would not believe it, but it is worth considering. After all, Luke is a fearless warrior with a strong sense of morality who uses his supernatural powers to fight evil and protect the weak from harm. If a Jedi can be a superhero, the question is: what would Marvel heroes be like as Jedi?

Just as Jedi pursue the light side of the Force as they move through the galaxy helping others, they always run the risk of falling to the dark side. Yoda was the one who best summed up the dangers in The Phantom Menace. Fear could lead to anger, which could lead to hatred, which was the way to the dark side. Considering that the Marvel Universe has several antiheroes, there are many others who would be great Jedi and could succumb to the influence of the dark side.

10 Jedi: Captain America – Embody hope, strength and justice for others

It may seem a bit shocking to think of Captain America trading his crashed shield for a lightsaber and life among the stars of a distant galaxy, but the spirit and virtues that Captain America embodies transcend any time and place.

There is no one more committed to justice than Captain America. He embodies hope, justice, and helping others, just like the Jedi of the Galactic Republic.

9 Dark Side: Wolverine – His fear of losing loved ones causes him to succumb to the dark

As a resident bad boy of the X-Men, Wolverine has always fought his anger. He is known for his berserker fury, which kills without hesitation. This anger – and the fear of losing control and his loved ones – make him precisely the type of Jedi who can fall to the dark side.

If he wielded a lightsaber, he would pick a red one each time he began to see that color in one of his blindness attacks. What is especially terrifying is the fact that its adamantium skeleton could even resist a lightsaber blade or a Beskar weapon.

8 Jedi: Black Panther – He is spiritually in tune with himself and has great physical capabilities, which would make him a great Jedi

T’Challa is practically a Jedi already. After all, as the king of Wakanda, you master the spiritual traditions of consciousness, martial arts, and high-tech weapons. One of the sacred weapons of Wakanda is also a sword called Skybreaker.

Giving Black Panther Force powers seems like a recipe for making the most super-powerful character in science fiction, but he already has a level of self-mastery on par with Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi’s diplomatic skills. It seems likely that he will become the next Grand Master of the Jedi High Council.

7 Dark Side: Jessica Jones – Her emotional instability would make her an easy target to manipulate

When Jessica Jones was first introduced in the original Alias ​​comic, she was lashing out at the world, ruled by her trauma, hatred, and pain. This is understandable, considering everything that has happened.

However, the Sith would effectively exploit these traits, and they make it easy to succumb to the influence of the dark side of the Force. She also has a problem with authority, so if the Jedi Council leaders tried to help her, she would be more consumed by darkness.

6 Jedi: Captain Marvel – Has immense power, but understands self-control

Few Marvel heroes can be down to earth like Captain Marvel and, at the same time, be above the worst of everything that happens. She possesses self-confidence and an unflappable will, a hero in every sense of the word.

She is also one of Marvel’s most powerful heroines, but she has never let that power corrupt her or go to her head. This shows that she has what it takes to be a great Jedi master.

5 Dark Side: Iron Man – It has always been torn between darkness and heroism

Sometimes it’s surprising to think that when Tony Stark built his Iron Man suit, he turned out to be a hero rather than a supervillain of rank. He started life as a weapons contractor and, even as a superhero, is often driven by selfish impulses. In addition, as an alcoholic, he suffers from a disease – something that is not his fault – but that has led him to harm himself and many people who matter to him.

To be clear, Tony’s alcoholism has nothing to do with how likely he is to fall to the dark side. Instead, it is the fact that he has never been able to control his fear, his recklessness or his impulsiveness, all of which are part of his personality. Tony would become a Dark Jedi faster than « I’m Iron Man » can be said, and then he would almost certainly build a red lightsaber that would shoot out of his chest and somehow be incorporated into a mechanical suit.

4 Jedi: Shang-Chi – Already has the qualities of a wonderful Jedi, spiritually and physically

One of the most underrated characters in the Marvel Universe is Shang-Chi. He is a master of kung fu. He is also the son of the villain Fu Manchu (turned into Zheng Zu in recent stories). He has combined the mystical arts, martial arts and Machiavellian politics of the most dangerous of all Marvel villains. Despite Zheng Zu’s meddling, Shang-Chi has emerged as a spiritually peaceful leader, though he is capable of using violent force to subdue his opponents when necessary.

Basically, Shang-Chi is already a Jedi. Non-attachment, use of force without malice and helps others. All of these Jedi qualities are basically the principles you already live by.

3 Dark Side: Daredevil – He has already turned to the dark side several times in some stories

Matt Murdock has spent his life walking the razor’s edge between being on the right side and the wrong side of almost every aspect of his life. He has plunged into the dark underworld of Hell’s Kitchen crime, fighting gangsters, ninjas, and super criminals, and allying himself with them from time to time.

Several times in his life, Matt has been consumed by his depression or anger. If Matt Murdock were a Jedi, he would almost certainly fall to the dark side. That said, he seems like the kind of dark Jedi that could redeem himself and come back from that fall.

2 Jedi: Storm – He has stepped into the darkest depths of evil, yet can still surpass them at their own game

The former leader of the X-Men, Ororo Munroe, has been everything in his life. Queen of Wakanda, Storm of the X-Men, and even goddess of rain – or, at least, revered as if she were a goddess. So why not a Jedi?

Even when she lost her powers, Storm was a skilled leader who never lost her mind and who was able to defeat far more powerful opponents through strategy, psychological awareness, and self-control. She has literally danced with Death, and when Death tried to seduce her, she told her that that was the closest they would be to each other. Later, she defeated Death in single combat, having been drugged. This is proof that you can come into contact with the dark side’s greatest temptations, know them for what they are, and still overcome them.

1 Dark Side: Misty Knight – Already fighting between two sides

Misty Knight has always been torn between fighting as a superhero and as a police detective. Unfortunately, this latter role has not always served her community, frequently creating tensions with the people she wants to help. He has also infiltrated the super villains without any difficulty.

Like most people, Misty has a lot of pain and anger that she struggles with. You also have blind spots about the impact of your actions on others. Although she really wants to do the right thing, it’s not hard to imagine that she could be convinced to ally with the Sith without realizing it until it was too late.