Due to COVID, its evolution and impact in each country; is that different approaches have been taken about the return of its inhabitants to the world away from home. In many cases, doing it gradually both at the regional or industry level.

Without a doubt, our reality as individuals has been impacted. For some, only in everyday details, but for many others the impact has been massive or even fatal. Whatever their nationality, profession or age, we have all suffered a considerable impact.

The whole world is pressing the « RESET » button. As a leader you know that motivation comes from within and with so many changes and uncertainties, it may be that some members of your team or even you, feel unmotivated, worn out and with little clarity of their purpose and future.

The key piece to have resilience will be to maintain a positive mental state and generate progress in both personal and professional life. Today is a good time for you to guide your team in the review of their life and career strategy as well as the creation and monitoring of an action plan that will lead them to fulfillment and fulfillment.

Given the great uncertainty that may exist in their environment, it will be key to distinguish the circumstances over which they do have control and over which they do not. To focus their energy on what generates the most impact and fulfillment. Below 5 actions that can be followed to achieve this:

Dare to dream and visualize your ideals in every area of ​​your life!

Help them connect with their inner voice. Inspire them to awaken the dreams and desires that they have had for years but that they have buried every day. Guide an activity that involves the visualization technique where each person closes his eyes and imagines the details of his life. Using all your senses and writing them in the present tense in each of the areas that I mention in point 2.

Review the 10 areas of your life (grouped into 4 groups) and evaluate their satisfaction vs. your ideal.

This area structure helps clarify and prioritize your goals. Below is a brief description of each area:

Relationships: with themselves (mind, body, soul and emotions), partner (romance, type of relationship what they want), family (children, parents, siblings, etc.) and friends (their people, those life partners they have chosen ).
Resource management: Money (income, debt, investments and savings) and time (the non-renewable resource).
Impact on the world: Your career and professional development (what they do to earn money within your team and even parallel activities) and social contribution (how do they improve the world and its community with its existence?)
Renovation: Your home (where they live) and entertainment (recreation and fun).

Prioritize 2-3 areas where you are least satisfied with which you want to start working on.

Make sure everyone chooses their professional development and at least one other personal area. Here they must identify their pretexts, listen to their internal voice, whether it is fear, tantrum or victim. Analyze what trends, theories and philosophy of life support or endorse their behavior. It may be that they find a line of thought or emotion to which they frequently resort (anger, anguish, frustration, fear, I am not enough, everything goes wrong, I cannot find solutions, etc.). To change an action it is necessary to identify the mental origin of these.

Start the change from the inside out.

Since they have identified both the goals they want and the part of theories and beliefs that can keep them in their current status, it will be important to start replacing the old with the new:

Change the pretexts they have for promises and acquire new theories and the evidence to support them.
Integrate actions (promises), thoughts and words into your new reality. Committing to themselves. Acquire the value of total satisfaction in your life, without settling for less.
Identify the actions you should stop doing, the ones you should keep and the ones you should start to achieve your goals.

For professional purposes it can be both personal and group work.

Recognize that everyone is the center of their Universe and learn to exercise their power.

Yes, I know that the international and national context are not very encouraging and it is easy for their energy and positive mentality to be consumed by all the circumstances that surround them. So reinforce with your leadership that they focus their attention on what they can change and on the execution of their plan. The mental state is the most powerful and you must take care of it. That they do not give unlimited access to negative news and topics. It will be important that each person seeks to have victories as soon as possible, even if they are small. Progress will give you a great sense of achievement and satisfaction.

The important thing will be that when you return to the « outside world » you and your team are inspired, excited to live their lives and be at work where they are. Do not yield your inner peace and mental health to external circumstances. Focus your energy, thoughts and actions on what makes the most impact both in the work team and in the part of personal life that each one has chosen.

Your leadership, empathy, inspiration and guidance make a difference every day. Take advantage of every moment!

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