5 Key Questions and Answers About Sending Third Stimulus Check to Social Security Beneficiaries

An office of the Social Security Administration in Los Angeles, California.

Photo: FREDERIC J. BROWN / Agencia Reforma

The Social Security Administration (SSA) He insisted that he has processed the request for information from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to process the payments corresponding to the third stimulus check of $ 1,400 in the case of beneficiaries of the retirement and disability programs managed by the agency.

Through a fact sheet that was updated this week on SSA’s website, the agency answered several key questions regarding the process for distributing stimulus payments to recipients of government programs administered by the agency.

What is the reason for the delays in the disbursement of money corresponding to the third stimulus check?

To the question of why the office did not provide the IRS before with information on people who receive Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) funds, the entry indicates that the authorities are guided by the Social Security Law that establishes how it is distribute trust funds and how to carry out the processes.

As a result of our efforts, we successfully signed the reimbursement agreement and the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) less than a week after the approval of the “American Rescue Plan”, March 17. That process usually takes weeks and even months to complete, but we get the job done in a matter of days. A few days later, on Monday, March 22, we sent the initial test files to the IRS. The IRS confirmed on March 24 that our files and processes were fine. The very next morning we sent the IRS the complete set of actual files. We completed this process more than a week earlier than we were able to provide a similar file to the IRS during the first round of ‘Economic Impact Payments’ (EIP), ”reads the response on SSA.gov.

Will Social Security beneficiaries receive payments on EIP Cards?

When asked whether the IRS will send prepaid debit cards (EIP Cards) with the stimulus check to this population as part of the third round, the Administration answered in the negative.

“The IRS does not plan to issue prepaid debit card payments to beneficiaries as part of this third round of ‘Economic Impact Payments,'” the entry added.

Who will receive the third stimulus check on their “Direct Express” card?

What some beneficiaries of Social Security programs could receive is the payment of the third check on their “Direct Express” card on which they regularly receive their benefits.

In this regard, the Administration emphasizes that the person will receive the payment on said card if the following requirements apply:

• You did not file a tax return with the IRS in 2020 or 2019
• You did not use the IRS “Non-Filer” online tool to provide information to the agency for the past year.
• The person receives their Social Security and SSI benefits monthly on their Direct Express card

In a press release last week on IRS.gov, the agency reported that it has processed about 5 million EIP Cards as part of the third round. However, the information does not specify who would be receiving the payment by postal mail.

What interference does the representative of the payee have in the provision of the third stimulus check?

Regarding the possibility that a representative of the beneficiary uses the stimulus funds corresponding to the third round, the SSA left the above in the hands of the beneficiary, since the third check will go to the person to whom the funds are credited monthly.

“The Economic Impact Payment belongs to the beneficiary of Social Security and SSI. It is not a Social Security or SSI benefit. A representative payee should discuss the EIP with the payee. If the beneficiary wants to use the stimulus payment independently, the representative payee must provide the payment to the primary recipient. If the beneficiary asks his representatives for assistance to use the Economic Impact Payment in a specific way or to save it, the representative payee can provide that assistance outside of the representative payee function ”, they specify from the agency.

What are the arrival dates of the third stimulus check for Social Security and SSI recipients?

In terms of the arrival date of the third stimulus check for Social Security and SSI recipients with U.S. mailing addresses who do not usually file taxes, SSA highlights two key dates.

The first is this Wednesday, April 7, the day the IRS together with Nacha and the banks released new direct deposits with the money, both to bank accounts and to the Direct Express card.

In a statement today, the IRS confirmed that the majority of the payments from this batch correspond to recipients of government programs such as Social Security.

For paper checks made through the US Postal Service (USPS) to those who receive their benefits monthly by mail, authorities will begin sending payments this Friday, April 9.

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