5 key facts of e-commerce in contingency

Selling in e-commerce can be a winning opportunity for brands, only this medium requires the same discipline as a traditional channel.

There are a series of bets that we have to take into account in the midst of the contingency and it is the ability of brands to transform their businesses based on commercial technology.

One aspect that we cannot lose sight of today is the ability of a brand to innovate in the market.

Electronic commerce has become an area of ​​great opportunity for brands, to be able to carry out commercial activities of tremendous value, due to the capacity these media have to innovate.

A key element in the performance of electronic commerce has to do with the way in which it has faced the new consumer and the elements that have helped to define its role in the market.

As you might expect, e-commerce is a discipline of great value and most importantly, it is an area of ​​great development that we cannot lose sight of.

A study by Blacksip In conjunction with VTEX, SocialBakers, emBlue and AMVO (Asociación Mexicana de Venta Online) revealed that the contingency imposed new rules.

The first one is that “5 out of 10 shops or brands sold twice as much as before the current situation,” the study explains.

Of the entire business universe, about 12 percent suffered losses, while a quarter of the total tripled them.

Regarding the effects that occurred in the businesses, 20 percent sell exclusively online and 80 percent of the businesses do so in a complementary way.

Viewed regionally, a study by Kantar and Statista reveals the variation in e-commerce sales revenue during the COVID-19 outbreak, among various countries in Latin America.

The main country that registered brutal growth was Peru, with an increase of 900 percent, followed by Mexico, with a variation of 500 percent, and Colombia, with a change of 130 percent.

Seen generally, all of Latin America registered an increase of 230 percent.

A third study found what has been the impact that the contingency has had on the web traffic of e-commerce sites worldwide.

The results show that the impact has been 21 thousand 960 million visits to these sites during the month of June.

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