Civilization VI or DayZ for PC and Final Fantasy XIV Online among the incentives to enjoy this weekend.

As every Friday it is time to take a look at what video games we can play this weekend without having to invest a single euro more. This time we have several totally free PC video games that will lead us to try to dominate the world, unravel a dark mystery traveling through various countries or to prove that we are the fastest ninja in history. There will also be free trial periods that this time open two of the most successful multiplayer games.

Type: Describe it and keep it forever!

Epic Games Store, after collapsing last week with the gift of GTA V, does not leave Take-Two Interactive and offers everything a must among lovers of strategy on PC: Civilization VI. Players will thus have a golden opportunity to start creating, leading, and expanding across the earth a civilization that is the envy of the world. The video game will be available for free until this May 28.

Type: Limited time trial

A regular of these specials. DayZ is free again for a few days so that all those PC players on Steam can finally convince themselves if Chernarus is an appetizing place to spend their long afternoons and game nights. DayZ, officially launched in December 2018, brings users a proposal for action and multiplayer survival of which it has been one of the great references of the genre.

Type: Limited time trial

Want to be part of the pica adventure of Final Fantasy XIV Online? Square Enix makes a free trial available to PlayStation 4 users over the next few days to try out the exciting role-playing action of the base game, without expansions. A good way to see why this MMORPG has earned the love of millions of players around the world.

Type: Describe it and keep it forever!

Have you already passed Runaway – A Road Adventure? The great graphic adventure of Pendulo Studios was offered at zero cost by FX Interactive, which now repeats with the Madrid studio to launch other of its most notable works: New York Crimes. The video game, known internationally as Yesterday, leads us to try to unravel a unique, dark and shadowy mystery traveling around the world.

Type: Describe it and keep it forever!

On the other hand, from Steam we can get 10 Second Ninja X, which offers the player a proposal of intense, withering action that asks us the following question, are you the fastest ninja of all time? The evil captain Greatbeard does not believe it, and for this he will make us fight through more than 100 levels full of robots also having the objective of saving our friends.

Do you want more?

Not enough for you with all these releases? Feel free to check our index with all the free games for May for subscribers of PC, PS4, Xbox One and Google’s Stadia service. On the other hand, other free games announced weeks ago are still available for download.

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