5 footballers who are clearly not working in Chivas

He Guard1anes 2021 It is not starting in the best way for Guadalajara, because after the good feelings shown against América last tournament, the team of Vucetich has fallen into a pothole where it is not clear if the fault lies with the coach or the players.

While Victor Manuel fits on the board to connect this group of players with good qualities, it is a fact that there are some who simply are not responding to the demands of a club like Chivas. The five most obvious are the following, who need an urgent boost in the mood and in the sports.

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Antonio BrisenoAntonio BrisenoChivas v Monterrey – Guard1anes Tournament 2020 Liga MX | Jam Media / .

Little is said that one of the great ‘European’ signings of Chivas is Antonio Briseño, who right now and for several months is very far from being a titular element.

In terms of demand and poster, the ‘Chicken‘It is becoming a duty, because it is not multifunctional or efficient, it is simply a reserve element for a team that needs players with greater hierarchy.

Uriel antunaUriel antunaPumas UNAM v Chivas – Guard1anes Tournament 2020 Liga MX | Jam Media / .

The ‘Brujo’ of the Mexican team is not the one who plays for Chivas. What of Uriel antuna it just doesn’t set, beyond a few sparkles during the season.

Needs more time? A better partner? Finishers? Maybe he needs all of the above, but with what the current Chivas team offers he should be much more decisive.

Ernesto Alexis VegaErnesto Alexis VegaAtletico San Luis v Chivas – Guard1anes Tournament 2021 Liga MX | Jam Media / .

If we talk about sparks, at least the Alexis Vega is more constant, but if we go to numbers, Is 13 goals in 63 games a decent figure for a forward?

The positive of Vega is that it adds up when he is the company of a reference like Macías, but when he is the one who assumes responsibility at the front, he is completely empty in character and goals.

Chivas v Leon - Guard1anes Tournament Playoffs 2020 Liga MXChivas v Leon - Guard1anes Tournament Playoffs 2020 Liga MXChivas v Leon – Guard1anes Tournament Playoffs 2020 Liga MX | Jam Media / .

Reaching far more worrisome players, Cristian Calderon in Chivas it is very close to being shameful, but of course scoring three real goals against the hated rival and in a league will give enough credit.

What of Calderon In the previous league it was quite good, there is no claim there; the problem is that it is the only positive thing he has done in Guadalajara since his arrival. One more ghost in this beginning of Guard1anes 2021 and light years from what it offered in Necaxa.

Oribe PeraltaOribe PeraltaLeon v Chivas – Guard1anes Tournament Playoffs 2020 Liga MX | Jam Media / .

Not that there are no words to describe Oribe Peralta with Guadalajara, because his role is more than evident: a motivator within the squad. Some kind of captain and advisor.

But is that really the only thing that can be demanded of him? Oribe should be the most criticized player on the squad for his hierarchyBut how accustomed the public is to seeing him on the bench has normalized his premature retirement.

Those sparks in the league and on the first date made the fans excited about a “second wind” of the ‘Brush’, but nothing could be further from reality. Oribe Peralta He is still the most disappointing footballer on this team, because when they needed him most, he did not appear.

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