5 facts to understand what is happening between Israelis and Palestinians

A mother kisses her children, killed in an Israeli attack, at the Beit Hanoun hospital morgue, Gaza, on May 10. (Photo: Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Israel bombs Gaza, Palestinian militias fire rockets on Israel, Jerusalem burns for settlers and Al Aqsa. The loop of violence and pain in Palestine and Israel is endless. More than seven decades of open confrontation that have marked the history of the entire region and the geopolitics of the great powers and that remains unsolved, without hope, with peaks of violence that you never know how far it can go. Another offensive, another intifada, another war. A time bomb.

In the wave of recent weeks, chronic problems have been superimposed: the occupation, the holy places, the settlers, the Israeli army and its power, the Palestinian armed militias, the blockade of Gaza, the enormous fatigue of Arab civilians, political tacticism in Tel Aviv.

These are the keys to understanding the new crisis, the most serious since the war in the summer of 2014.

1) First it was Jerusalem

The triple holy city was the scene of the first confrontations, which have grown and spread. Two events were the sparks on the dry straw of decades: a new colonist victory and another attack on the rights of the Muslim faithful in the middle of Ramadan.

Israel’s Supreme Court ruled that four Palestinian families be evicted from their homes – family dwellings, passed down from generation to generation – in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. Now Jewish settlers will occupy those houses. It is not just another neighborhood, but a bastion of resistance, where the Jewish settlers had barely entered, a symbolic area where in its day the ephemeral office of the Palestine Liberation Organization was installed (it has never been allowed to have representation again .. .

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