5 facts that made the news this week

There are a series of challenges and an element that we cannot lose sight of is the one that warns us of the ability of brands to be able to generate trends and social conversation.

Among the elements that stand out today is the influence of social networks through trends.

As expected, an element that we cannot lose sight of is that which has to do with innovation through trends, in communication.

Throughout this week we witnessed a series of trends based on facts that are not wasted, on the contrary, they warn us of the ability of brands to transcend in the market.

Social networks are tremendous communication channels and they have generated at least five trends that occurred this week.

The Coppel promotion

Coppel stands out not only for being one of the winners of El Buen Fin, but this time for negative aspects before Presumably inflated prices prior to the season that begins today.

From the Twitter account @viry_u they present an accusation supported by images, in which you can see an increase in the price of a screen, which when entering their official online store in this link, appears with the price presented by the consumer.

“@Coppel_Mx_ They are barbaric with abuse! @Profeco yesterday the TV was at $ 5499 and today they increased the price to $ 6299, happy # BuenFin2020 #BuenFin “

In addition to this case, another user of social networks points out an alleged price increase in a refrigerator and also presents the images in this regard through Twitter.

Bodega Aurrerá’s SmartTV

Not everything is negative in the offers, as demonstrated by the case of Bodega Aurrera, which caused a furor on Facebook, before the publication of its catalog of promotions on screens, of which the Smart TV Sanyo 32 inches HD stands out, which costs 2,794 pesos and whose cost the consumer could not believe as a verified offer.

The retailer has been betting on screen offers, there are some for less than 2,000 pesos, but the consumer who knows about types of TV, knows that Smart TVs do not usually have low prices, so they were surprised to detect the offer of the Smart of the FW32C10KM model in its virtual catalog, immediately becoming popular in the comments of social networks of those who passed the “Tip” to other consumers to locate that offer, qualified by themselves as one of the best in the world. Irresistible Fin organized by Walmart to compete with El Buen Fin.

Aurrera winery

A similar product can be found on RadioShack under the LG brand, 32-inch the LG 32LM630BPUB.

Radio Shack

Apple’s new MacBook

Apple finally introduced the first MacBook Air with the Apple Silicon M1 chip, its first ultrabook to include the Cupertino Giant’s own chip.

The most anticipated of your #AppleEvent is that this issue became official it happened. The launch of the MacBook Air with M1 is the first step in Apple’s transition from Intel processors, which Apple computers have used since 2005, to its own processor that it reportedly has been working on for a decade.

The new MacBook Air does not change much on the outside, but on the inside it does, due to the new M1 Chip, so now it is capable of developing a power of 3.5x compared to the processor and 5x in graphics compared to the previous generation with Intel, and 3x more powerful than 98 percent of PCs in the same class.

The unexpected action at Walmart

In recent days, a video circulated on social networks showing how a woman tries to enter a Walmart store because of the access that has been destined only for the exit.

The employee who was monitoring that the meaning of this access was fulfilled seems to have lost his temper when confronting the woman who insisted on entering the establishment through said entrance. This is how he looks like he pushes her away from the exit.

To this the customer reacts aggressively to make the man sick and finally enter the establishment simply to face the Walmart employee.

The material generated all kinds of opinions and mixed comments, where while some users reproached the attitude of the Walmart employee, many others justified it before the stupidity and little responsibility of the woman.

Department stores and Good End

El Buen Fin is a challenge for brands like El Palacio de Hierro because they have to carry out successful strategies, otherwise, they will lose to the consumer.

Two interesting cases have been registered on social networks, where a complaint has been made that products that were in the basket to be bought registered an increase in their prices after the activation of the Good End campaign and a second complaint, the consumer was he made fun of bags of more than 60 thousand pesos, which were apparently promoted by the store, in the middle of this interesting commercial event that is based on the low prices of its products to boost its sale.

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