5 DC heroes who would be great Jedi (& 5 who would fall to the dark side)

The Gallic Wars may take place in a distant galaxy, but many of DC’s heroes seem to be a perfect fit in the Jedi temple on Coruscant. After all, Superman was born on a distant planet, the Green Lanterns traverse the space lanes at high speed, and more than one DC character has magical powers that bear striking similarities to the Force.

Of course, according to Star Wars lore, the Force is in all life, so it doesn’t seem so far-fetched that superheroes are among the characters most likely to have Force sensitivity. While Jedi serve the light side of the Force, the danger heroes fight daily in the dark could drag them to the dark side.

10 Jedi: Superman – He has faced heavy losses, but never let the darkness consume him

It’s not easy to think of a better hero than Superman. It is the embodiment of hope, truth and justice. Although he is often described as the embodiment of the « American way, » his values ​​of fair play and compassionate activism apply around the world, and in his many journeys through space.

Superman has seen major losses, from the destruction of Krypton to Kandor’s imprisonment, but he has never let the darkness consume him. Now and forever, it remains a symbol of hope.

9 Dark Side: Batman – He has built his entire identity around darkness and trauma

Yoda famously said that fear leads to anger, it leads to hatred, and hatred falls on the dark side. Batman is a man ruled by fear and traumatic pain from having lost his parents at a young age.

While Batman has immense willpower and self-control, the same can be said for many Sith Lords. Worse still, Batman loses control of his emotions too often, lashing out at those around him. It’s a walking advertisement for the dark side, and in the Star Wars galaxy, it seems likely that he would trade his batarangs for a red lightsaber the first chance he got.

8 Jedi: Wonder Woman – She has faced gods and demons, but never loses her sense of right and wrong

Ever since she left her home island of Themyscira to step into the world of men, Wonder Woman has advocated for love, understanding and compassion, even when she has used violence to stop those who cause harm to others.

Just as Jedi travel from planet to planet as ambassadors of peace, willing to enforce it with the use of force (and the Force) when necessary, Diana also goes from one calamity to another to help others, whatever. None of the supernatural threats he has faced has jeopardized his sense of morality.

7 Dark Side: Hal Jordan – He already fell into the Dark Side when he became Parallax

As the first human on Earth to become a member of the Green Lantern Corps, Hal Jordan is a bit of an enigmatic. You have the ability to overcome great fears. This is because he is bold, reckless, and overconfident.

Furthermore, he never quite escapes the fear he overcomes. Hal became possessed by the living embodiment of fear, Parallax, and unleashed devastation on everyone he knew and loved, wiping out the Corps. Is it so hard to imagine him suffering a similar fall to the dark side of the Force?

6 Jedi: John Stewart – Has remained resolute while facing great adversity

When push comes to shove, John Stewart is one of the most powerful Green Lanterns to ever exist. He once used so much willpower to build through his ring that it was unable to physically process everything.

Despite everything he’s suffered in his life, John remains relatively stoic. He saw war as a Marine long before joining the Green Lantern Corps. Although John has shown flashes of anger when faced with injustice, he is usually one of the most level-headed of all the Green Lanterns. The displays of anger he shows from time to time are more akin to what Jedi such as Mace Windu or Ahsoka Tano express when they get angry, rather than the true rage that leads to the dark side.

5 Dark Side: Batwoman – Has defined her life as a war, living in the shadows

Like John Stewart, Kate Kane is a veteran, or would be if she had been allowed to complete her service. She was expelled from West Point for being gay and, a few years later, took advantage of her training to become the superhero Batwoman.

However, Kate is first a soldier and then a hero. She is willing to kill when she deems it necessary and is not afraid of the consequences of getting her hands dirty. Operating from the shadows, she is even more prone to falling into the dark side than her cousin Bruce Wayne, which is saying.

4 Jedi: Black Lightning – Instead of being consumed by his frustration, he channeled it to help others

Jefferson Pierce has his share of anger at the injustices he has seen around him his entire life, but he has never been overwhelmed by this feeling of moral outrage. He channeled his feelings into productive work, becoming a teacher, sports coach, and community activist, and eventually a school principal. By mentoring the youth of his community, he gave them the tools they needed to face the world, while cultivating those same tools in himself.

As the superhero Black Lightning, he has used violence against those who threaten his community, but he has always kept his priorities and done his job on helping others.

3 Dark Side: Cassandra Cain – She has struggled to overcome her villainous ancestry, but hasn’t always succeeded

Cassandra Cain has gone by various names over the years. She has been called Batgirl, Kasumi, Black Bat, and (most recently) Orphan. She is also one of the most skilled martial artists in the world.

As the daughter of two assassins, Lady Shiva and David Cain, she has a lot to overcome. Her father specifically raised her to be a murderer. However, Cassandra pretends to be better than her parents. Unfortunately, just as Anakin never got over the rage and pain of his early childhood traumas, it seems too likely that Cassandra Cain will give in to his darker tendencies and could quickly become a Sith assassin. After all, he already gave in once when he took over the League of Assassins.

2 Jedi: Jessica Cruz – Has developed effective mechanisms to overcome her fears

All Green Lanterns have to overcome great fear and turn it into willpower. Each of them does it differently. Jessica suffers from an anxiety disorder, something she will never be able to fully escape from, although she has coping mechanisms to make it more bearable.

The fact that you have a chronic fear that you have to live with makes it seem likely that you may succumb to the dark side. However, he has shown repeatedly that he will not be dominated by his fear, no matter how much pain it causes. You may suffer, but you do not inflict that suffering on others. There is no chance he will trade his green ring for a red lightsaber.

1 Dark Side: Hawkgirl – It’s full of internal conflicts that turn to rage

The Hawkgirl continuity is so complicated that even trying to name the character can be challenging at times. It can be definitely stated that he has struggled to feel that he has no control over his own life, and that he likes to hit things with his mace. Also, this tendency to hit is directly influenced by your inner turmoil.

In most depictions, Hawkgirl is far more compassionate and understanding than her counterpart, Hawkman. However, it seems inevitable that all of his inner conflicts would erupt in an explosion of Force lightning.