5 DC Heroes Who Should Be Able To Beat Him (And Why They Can’t)

Doctor Doom has proven to be one of the greatest threats in the Marvel Universe. He’s the complete package when it comes to villainy: devilishly intelligent, a monarch with vast resources, and a powerful user of magic. Doom has proven that he performs just as well as a hero and a villain, yet his arrogance and belief that he is the best person to run the world always turn him back to evil.

Doom has proven to be a match for some of the most skilled and powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe, a single man who can think better than entire teams and is a threat to almost everyone he meets. Even when it seems that his enemies should be able to defeat him, Doom proves otherwise.

10 should be able to beat Doctor Doom: The Lightning – Few enemies can stand up to his blitzkrieg offensive

The Lightning Bolt is one of the most formidable heroes in the DC Universe. Empowered by the Force of Speed, the Lightning Bolt is beloved by his companions and a threat to his enemies, dispatching them with blinding speed. Since his return from the dead, Lightning has become a better hero, taking his rightful place at the forefront of the race against evil.

Flash’s control of the Speed ​​Force has allowed him to be more than a match for many opponents. His mastery of speed physics allows him to hit well above his weight class. A power like Lightning should allow him to easily defeat Doctor Doom.

9 Why You Can’t Beat Doctor Doom: Doom Will Take From The Force Of Speed

Doctor Doom’s armor is one of the most formidable in all of the comics and has made him more than just a match for some powerful beings. One of his best weapons is a device that can drain the power of beings that Doom encounters and allow Doom to use that power for himself. He has been able to use it against beings like the Afterlife, so using it against Lightning shouldn’t be difficult.

Doom’s armor will allow him to take Flash’s initial attacks and when the time comes it will allow him to drain Flash’s power, giving Doom the power of the Speed ​​Force. Doom is quite an intimidating foe, but a Doom with the Speed ​​Force would be nearly unstoppable and Flash would find out the hard way.

8 he should be able to beat Doctor Doom: Batman – his tactical knowledge may allow him to triumph over the Latvian monarch

Batman has long been known for hitting well above his weight class. While his breadth of abilities has helped him become one of the most successful heroes around, another factor is his legendary stubbornness, which has been both an asset and a detriment to him. All of this has made him one of the most gripping members of the Justice League, often an integral part of their victories.

Batman and Doctor Doom would be one of the most entertaining battles imaginable. The two men are cunning and skillful and would test each other to their limits. Batman may not be as smart as Doom but his tactical knowledge and such may allow him to triumph over the Latvian monarch.

7 Why You Can’t Beat Doctor Doom: You Don’t Have The Resources

Batman is known for defeating any enemy that comes his way, even those far more powerful than him, through a combination of intelligence and resources – as the billionaire owner of WayneTech, he has a huge material advantage over his enemies. Against Doom, though he would eventually be outmatched.

Doom has ensured that Latveria can stand alongside the larger nations and has even nearly conquered the technologically advanced nation of Wakanda. The only advantage Batman has over Doom is fighting ability and that wouldn’t be enough when Doom attacks leading an army of Doombots. Doom would be able to overwhelm Batman quickly.

6 He should be able to defeat Doctor Doom: Shazam – He’s used to fighting evil geniuses, so Doctor Doom won’t be far from home.

Shazam may have the mind of a child, but he has the powers of the gods on his side. Shazam has been underestimated by many villains at their own peril, as his youthful exuberance and refusal to quit have allowed him to gain victory over all manner of enemies. Shazam has proven to be an asset to every team he’s been a part of and is more than capable of winning completely on his own.

While Doom and Sivana have many differences, Shazam’s power and means should give him enough of an advantage over the armored villain to win the day.

5 Why He Can’t Beat Doctor Doom: Doom Would Take Advantage Of His Naivety

Shazam’s youth can be both a detriment and an asset. Although he is an experienced hero, he can still have the wool over his eyes and if anyone were able to do it, it would be Doom. Doom is a master manipulator and would be able to tap into Shazam’s youth and naivety enough to get close to the hero.

At that point, Doom would drain the power of Shazam’s magic beam and that would be it. Doom would quickly dispatch the boy and use his newfound power for whatever diabolical purpose he could think of.

4 She should be able to beat Doctor Doom: Wonder Woman – With everything she’s faced over the years, she has a better than average chance of giving Doom a stiff defeat.

Wonder Woman is one of the toughest heroes in the DC Universe. Trained by the Amazons of Themyscira to be their greatest warrior, she has years of experience fighting rogue gods, mythological monsters, and powerful villains. A cunning tactician and capable leader, Wonder Woman has more than earned a place at the head of the DCU heroes.

Wonder Woman has faced all manner of enemies in her time and while doom would definitely be a challenge for her, he would be one that she would enjoy.

3 Why You Can’t Beat the Doctor’s Bane: You Don’t Bring Enough to the Table

Sure, Wonder Woman is strong and skilled, but when it comes down to it, she’s all she has. Against someone of the caliber of Doom, that won’t be enough. Although she has no power that he can drain and use against her, the worldliness of her abilities means that Doom will be able to use a simple tactic against her, one that will be difficult to overcome.

Although she is stronger than her armor and given enough time she could disarm her, Doom won’t give her that time, using his Doombots to keep her busy and hitting her when she least expects it, using his magic to give her attacks some unexpected extra boost. .

2 He should be able to beat Doctor Doom: Superman – His arch nemesis Lex Luthor and Doctor Doom have a lot in common, giving Superman a good foundation to use in his battle against him.

Superman is the greatest hero in the DC Universe. The perfect combination of skill, power and pure heart, Superman has waged a never-ending battle to keep the Multiverse safe, triumphing over every enemy he has come across.

Over the years, many villains have tried to defeat him and they have all fallen to his might. With all the power and skill, Superman should be able to do a short Doom job.

1 Why he can’t beat Doctor Doom: Doom will discover and exploit his weaknesses

This would be the « touch and go for Doom » but it would end up succeeding. He would use his Doombots to probe Superman, obtaining as much information as possible about the Man of Steel. He would quickly be able to tell the source of Superman’s powers and this would be the Kryptonian’s downfall. Down could use his armor’s power siphon to rob Superman of his power, rendering him powerless.

Furthermore, Doom’s magic also gives him an advantage over Superman. Doom would have to act fast but that is something that he has proven to be very capable of over the years and this would allow him to gain victory.