TikTok has been targeted by several countries on espionage charges.

There are other apps that have the same function and with which users can interact in a very agile way.

In the crosshairs of many countries is TikTok, the Chinese video app that has gained enormous popularity around the world, but is involved in serious controversy. First, it was India and the United States that prohibited the use of the app because they suspected that the Chinese government is using it as a spy tool. This led to Australia also being tempted to withdraw it from its borders.

The aforementioned has led us to think that perhaps the dance and video app could cease to exist. This ByteDance-owned app has been downloaded more than 2 billion times during the coronavirus pandemic, according to market research firm Sensor Tower, and 623 million of those downloads were just in the first half of the year.

If this social network disappears, or at least find barriers in more nations, the repercussions would be many. That is why we present 5 apps that can be a very similar alternative, and at the same time a very different experience, from TikTok.

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Although it does not have the scope or the level of user experience of TikTok, this app is not bad at all for editing and sharing videos in a practical and simple way. It allows you to add effects, filters, transitions, change colors, add texts, duplicate shots, rotate images and many more options.


It is also a simple tool to use, since you choose the track you want to sing or dance, you record the video and everything is ready for you to share and upload it to your user profile. Just like in TikTok you can make several cuts when recording your video.

Instagram reels

This app does not work independently but is within the functions of Instagram. Like the other options, it lets you record videos with the tracks of your choice, it has several filters to decorate your creations and it already has a billion users who are approving its functionality. According to information from Facebook, the Reels feature will be integrated into Instagram in early August in the United States « and more countries. »


This app was also banned in India for alleged security concerns. It is the closest thing to TikTok because the interface works similarly and has practically the same functions. You can dance, sing, cut your videos and apply filters and backgrounds that make your video more attractive.


This app has 120 million downloads and an easy to navigate interface with various music options, filters and options to edit your videos. It is quite entertaining and useful to make your way in the field of social networks.

If you are already a TikTok user and you have taken full advantage of it for both personal and professional purposes, then these apps will be very easy to use. It is always good to have more options that make you enter new worlds without changing the essence of what you want to show.