5 Amazon employees arrested in Madrid for stealing 500,000 euros from iPhone

On many occasions we have heard stories of being arrested for stealing Apple devices and selling them, but few were as close as this. The National Police have arrested five employees of the Amazon logistics center in Madrid accused of stealing 500,000 euros from iPhone.

AmazonAmazon packages

At the time of arrest, the detainees they had 10 iPhones in their possession, as well as a large number of stickers with the IMEI of various devices. It appears that the detainees tore the codes from the boxes to make the police investigation more difficult.

It all began with an internal Amazon investigation when it detected that there were packages whose weight did not correspond, after their investigation they passed the case to the police who has ended up arresting these 5 people.

They would buy something cheap and put an iPhone in the box

Amazon began the internal investigation by finding that there were certain packages whose weight did not match the registered. That’s when he decided to place hidden cameras to see if something strange happened.

IPhone 12 CasesThe iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 cases

These workers They changed the content of certain shipments by introducing the new iPhone. That is, someone, probably an accomplice, was buying something relatively cheap on Amazon, and before it shipped they exchanged the contents of the package for an iPhone.

Amazon calculates that devices worth half a million euros have been stolen. For now, the investigation is ongoing to see who were the beneficiaries of those packages that contained really cheap iPhones, so there could be more detainees.

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Three of those implicated were arrested when leaving their job, a fourth was detained while he was working and the fifth accomplice voluntarily turned himself in at the police station. The five have been fired from the company and they are awaiting trial, although as we say, more arrests are not ruled out.