5 actions to avoid if you want to be a good entrepreneur

With the economic crises that have occurred in recent times, it is important that small, medium and large entrepreneurs become aware of the challenges that they could face today or in the future, in order to remain on the road and keep moving forward. So here we tell you 5 actions you should avoid if you want to be a good entrepreneur and want to meet your development goals.

1.- Forget about your collaborators

As an entrepreneur and head of a company, you must make sure that your collaborators stay motivated and with a sense of commitment, since if it is not in this way, they will probably present negative results in their work, which could affect your entire business. There is a history that companies that have been successful have policies aimed at reinforcing their internal opportunities, before starting to make a profit and check other matters.

5 actions to avoid if you want to be a good entrepreneur. Photo: Pixabay.

2.- Don’t take your customers into account

Just as the internal issues of the company are important, the outside also brings many benefits to the organization, so there must be a balance, in this case the entrepreneur has to pay attention to their customers, for example, there are companies that have excellent production processes, which is great, but if you don’t listen to customer feedback, this is useless because in the end it is possible that no one will consume the items and there is no income, which could result in a financial deficit.

3.- That there is no leadership

The entrepreneur must take the role of leader within the company, with the aim of transmitting lessons to his work team and also serving as a guide so that the decisions made are the best. When there is no leader in an organization, it is likely that many problems will begin to arise that have the effect of its possible closure. A company without a leader is like a ship without a captain to lead the crew, and most likely to sink.

4.- Do not accept constructive criticism

Many entrepreneurs might think that by not receiving criticism from anywhere, it is because they are doing things in the right way, but this could be the opposite, since it could mean that your company is not having a positive or negative impact within the market. Constructive criticism instead of harming you, could help you take the right direction and also help you detect what the opportunities and threats are in all areas of your company. So it’s good to hear all kinds of opinions.

5. Not getting involved with the social sector

Entrepreneurs should not stop getting involved with social causes, that is, relate to various groups in which change actions could be implemented, not only be focused on the operational or financial activities of the company. For example, there is the possibility that you design soccer teams among your collaborators and their families, carry out cleaning days in some sectors of your locality, if your item is food, you could collaborate by donating your products to home that most need it, among other activities, which will possibly help you position yourself in various markets and also support communities.

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