Sony HTSF200

An excellent compact soundbar from Sony. It has a built-in subwoofer, in addition to having Bluetooth, USB, optical and HDMI connectivity. Its price is 125 euros.

Sony HTRT4

If we are looking for a more complete 5.1 kit, this one from Sony is ideal. It has a power of 600 W, distributed in a front bar that incorporates three speakers, as well as a subwoofer and two satellite speakers that are placed in the rear. Its price is 255 euros.

Soundbar 2.0 BOMAKER

Cheap soundbar with a maximum output power of 60 W. It has Bluetooth 5.0 and optical connectivity, and unfortunately we do not have HDMI. Its price is 67.99 euros.

2.0 Channel Sound Bar, 120dB Power, BOMAKER DSP Technology Built-in Subwoofer + Bluetooth 5.0 for TV, Optical Support, 3.5 mm Audio AUX, USB, for Home Theater, ODINE I, Black-Gray

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EUR 74.39

2.1 BOMAKER soundbar

If you need a separate subwoofer (highly recommended), the BOMAKER brand also has another soundbar with a subwoofer, although it still does not offer HDMI connectivity so that we can control its volume from the TV. The power is 150 W, and its price is 129.98 euros, although there is a 20-euro discount coupon that leaves its price at 109.98 euros.


Soundbar 3.1 from LG, with a power of 420 W in total. It features Hi-Res audio up to 24-bit and 96kHz, plus DTS and Dolby support with virtual surround emulation. It has HDMI, Bluetooth and USB. Its price is 190.99 euros, being the historical minimum price of this bar.

Tronsmart T6 Plus

Portable Bluetooth speaker with water resistance. It has a power of 40 W and IPX6 resistance, offering a battery life of up to 15 hours. Its price is 56.09 euros.

Zamkol Bluetooth Speaker, 30W

Another compact Bluetooth speaker with IPX6 water resistance. It has between 10 and 15 hours of playback, offering 360-degree sound. Its price is 47.64 euros.


Compact sound bar for use in front of the computer. It has a wheel on the front to control the volume easily, in addition to offering a power of 20 W. Its price is 25.27 euros.

LONPOO LP42 Speakers

Studio bookshelf speakers rated at 150 W. They reproduce frequencies between 60 and 20,000 Hz, with an impedance of 4 to 8 ohms. Its price is 50.06 euros.

Xiaomi home automation kit

Finally, today we also have the Xiaomi smart home automation kit in its Spanish version with a discount. Includes Gateway, door and window sensor, motion sensor and smart button. Its price is 39.99 euros.