5 + 1 alternatives to the compact SUV that you should evaluate

Today approximately 50% of the cars sold in Spain are SUVs. Within the SUV and crossover, those of the compact segment are the best sellers. The most popular in 2020 were the Nissan Qashqai, SEAT Ateca and Peugeot 3008. Therefore, if you are considering buying a new car, it is very likely that the car you want is a compact SUV. To continue with the example, let’s imagine that it is a SEAT Ateca with a 1.5 TSI gasoline engine and 150 hp. Although you are convinced of its benefits and all your friends have bought an SUV, we want to break your schemes: in this video we are going to try to “sell you” five alternatives to this brand new compact SUV, analyzing in detail its advantages and disadvantages.

1) A compact car of the usual

A great alternative to a compact SUV is a compact car. A SEAT León, for not leaving the same brand as the example. It shares a platform with the SEAT Ateca and its exterior dimensions are practically identical. Among the advantages of the car is clearly superior dynamics and lower fuel consumption: of course, It is a lower car, and with a center of gravity clearly closer to the ground. The average saving of 5,000 euros for the same equipment must also be mentioned.

Who says a compact car, says a utility or a more traditional cut sedan.

Among its drawbacks, the loss of the high driving position that an SUV gives us, a trunk that goes from cubing 510 liters to cubing 380 liters, and a smaller interior space, in addition to zero capacities to leave the asphalt, as is logical. Our recommendation: stick with the compact if you particularly value driving dynamics and low fuel consumption.

Photos of the compact SEAT Leon

2) A van

At Diariomotor we are fans of vans, and one server declares himself an unconditional fan of this type of vehicle. Although they are based on industrial vehicles, its latest generation is almost indistinguishable from a passenger car in equipment, active safety and even in visual appeal. They are so popular that they have overtaken minivans and even steal a lot of sales from SUVs.

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Its main advantage is a incredible use of interior space. Thanks to their squared shapes, they not only have a gigantic trunk, but their seats are really wide in all their dimensions. They have more advantages: their driving position is elevated and some even have individual seats and three ISOFIX anchors in their rear seats, which you can access through sliding doors. Oh, and they are cheaper than an SUV for the same equipment and engine.

Toyota Proace City 3

Vans have against them being associated with industrial vehicles. Only suitable for people without complexes.

By contrast, they are not dynamic cars, they lack powerful or sporty engines, and due to its aerodynamics, its consumption is higher. Nor should we forget a height that excludes them from some car parks. Our recommendation: stick with a van if you have great space needs, practice certain sports, or have an adventurous spirit.

Photos of the Toyota ProAce City

3) A compact family

The family car of a lifetime It is still the favorite of those who want to combine good driving feel with above-average practicality. Cars like a SEAT León station wagon boast a 620-liter boot, maintaining the dynamic qualities of the usual León. The pros of this type of car are in its dynamics, which is that of a car, and not that of an SUV. Nor can we forget a trunk even larger than that of an SUV, lower fuel consumption and a price saving of approximately 15%!

If you plan to get your SUV off the asphalt, you will have to discard traditional cars.

The New Volkswagen Golf Variant R Line

Among the drawbacks is a size that exceeds 4.60 meters, and that can limit us when parking, either on the street or in certain garages. As with compacts, we lose the elevated driving position of an SUV and its greater ground clearance. Our recommendation: the station wagon is the perfect car if you don’t want to sacrifice driving dynamics and want a practical and beautiful car.

Photos of the Volkswagen Golf Variant

4) A smaller SUV

Have you valued the purchase of a B-segment SUV? Not only will you save a lot, but depending on your space and mobility requirements, you may be making a smarter purchase, since they are still spacious and have a good size trunk. For example, the SEAT Arona has a 400-liter boot. The B-SUVs have sizes between 4.10 and 4.30 meters, and like compact SUVs, they can have electrified, plug-in or 100% electrical mechanics.

Analyze if you really need such a big car. Thinking about it cold, the answer is negative in many cases.

Seat Arona 2021 2

The reasons in favor of these cars are that they retain the same characteristics of compact SUVs, but with considerable price savings, without losing their driving position. Nevertheless, you will lose some trunk, you will not be able to opt for powerful mechanics and you will have a little less space on board, especially in the rear seats. Nor will you have better fuel consumption than in a conventional car. Our recommendation: If you still want an SUV, you’ll save money with the B-SUV, giving up very little.

Photos of the SEAT Arona 2021

5) A traditional minivan

The minivan segment has been virtually wiped out by SUVs and vans, but they remain a full-fledged alternative to SUVs. Today there are hardly any minivans for sale, and those that exist are veterans, but they are still recommended purchases if we understand them. Its main advantage is a great modularity and interior space. They are cars that combine a large load capacity with a lot of interior space and first-class practical solutions. Their dynamics and efficiency are not at the level of a car, but they are lighter and more agile than an SUV.

Only the Renault Grand Scénic, the Opel Crossland and a few large minivans survive to this day.

Opel Crossland 2021 04

On the contrary, they lack high-power engines, they are not designed to leave the asphalt, often have an uninspiring design and are perceived as unattractive vehiclesPerhaps because some of its positive qualities are shared, and in many cases, maximized by SUVs and vans. Our recommendation: The minivan has some of the advantages of SUVs and passenger cars, at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, it is an almost extinct segment.

Opel Crossland photos

5 + 1) An exciting second-hand car

The last alternative is the most hedonistic, selfish and wrong. Because There’s only one life, and it’s too short to spend driving boring cars and following the path that the flock marks. Break with everything, do not sell your current car and save the almost 30,000 euros that you are going to spend on that SEAT Ateca. Buy yourself a second-hand BMW M3. Or buy that Toyota Land Cruiser that you have always liked, and start emulating David Artés on a 4×4 circuit. Buy yourself that Honda S2000 whose 2.0-liter engine cuts injection at 9,000 rpm.

Buy yourself that classic you’ve always wanted and that keeps going up in price alarmingly. When they tell you “you’re crazy!” you will know that you have made the right decision.

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