Do you remember what it was like to wander aimlessly through your city? Or when you traveled to other places in the world and mixed with thousands of strangers on its streets?

This all sounds a bit far away, when millions of people have been quarantined for several weeks without leaving our homes to try to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

A virtual tour at street level

In this unprecedented situation, we have rediscovered the true potential of the Internet: staying informed, connected to our family and loved ones and that it is an inexhaustible source of entertainment.

YouTube is a good example of this, and today We are going to recommend a series of videos that can come as a ring to the finger in this situation. These are some videos in which we have the feeling of walking through different parts of the world.

exist very varied destinations, and it is appreciated that they have been recorded (I imagine that with a GoPro or something similar) so that the feeling that we are seeing everything in the first person. Below we can see several examples:

Fifth Avenue, New York

Los Angeles United States

Paris France

Kichijoji (Tokyo) at night

Walk through nature in Virginia, United States

As we see, the quality of modern cameras It makes this experience much more realistic, and I recommend diving into these videos with headphones on.

It may sound a bit ridiculous to be watching hour-long videos of someone walking through a city, but the reality is that all help is little to make a little more bearable these weeks when you miss so much doing things as simple as a good walk.

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