How to connect to the internet during the holidays? It is perhaps one of the most common questions at this time of year for those looking for a alternative of immediate contracting, without facilities and without permanence With which to connect computers, game consoles, smart speakers or smart TVs via WiFi when we are going to spend time outside our usual home.

If the vacation instance lasts for several months, there are alternatives such as offers for second homes, fiber connections without permanence or 4G rates at home that replace them when there is no fiber or ADSL coverage, but if you value the mobility of being able to take the WiFi wherever you need Or you only require extra connection for a few days, the mobile rates with more gigabytes will be your best ally.

Mobile coverage and device for WiFi access, essential elements

Before reviewing the available rates on the market, you must take into account the indispensable elements that you will need to connect to the internet via WiFi in a timely manner on holiday.

Although the operator coverage Spaniards reach 99% of the population, in more remote places there may be no coverage with any of them, that we only find 2G coverage (which will not be used to surf the Internet), or that the area to which we move is saturated by some reason. So before launching to hire a rate for the holidays, it is advisable to make sure you have coverage, looking at the maps offered by the operators, or inform us if possible of the experience of those who live in that area.

In addition, we will need a device to insert the SIM card that we acquire for this purpose if we cannot depend on our usual smartphone by sharing the internet through tethering continuously. The most comfortable option is to use an old smartphone in disuse, and if we do not have any available, we will have to buy a 4G router or a MiFi.

In case of opting for a old smartphone, the method to share internet via WiFi is activating the router or shared connection mode of the phone as we explain here. If for some reason the connection is not established by following these steps, you must ensure that in the profile of the APN type, put at least « dun » among others that usually appear as « default, mms, supl, dun ».

If we choose a specific device for the internet connection in which to enter the SIM, the 4G router they usually have more powerful antennas that guarantee better coverage reception and are usually more advanced, allowing connections 4G + with speeds of up to 300 Mbps or more. In addition, they also have ports ethernet that allow us to connect our devices by cable and are available for around 79 euros, such as the TP-Link TL-MR6400.

The devices MiFi perform the same function, but their connection is usually 4G up to 150 Mbps, they do not have ethernet ports, they are smaller and usually incorporate a battery that allows us to continue using them when we don’t have a plug nearby. We can find them around 50 euros.

Contract rates with more gigabytes without permanence

When looking for an internet connection as a punctual alternative, it is essential that the offer does not have any type of permanence, so it will be necessary to pay attention to this aspect since some of the most outstanding prices in rates with unlimited mobile data require a minimal commitment.

Although the mobile rates with unlimited data are not intended as substitutes for fiber, as indicated in their conditions of reasonable use, nothing will prevent them from being used in a timely manner for this purpose. So with this premise, we can assess some of the available options.

Movistar is the operator that offers its Infinite Contract with more balanced conditions, since its promotional price of 25 euros per month for new registrations, does not require any commitment to stay, nor does it apply speed or other restrictions.

In the case of Vodafone, we can choose between the unlimited Maxi rate, which has the speed limited to 10 Mbps for 36.99 euros without permanence, or the unlimited Total, at maximum speed for 49.99 euros without permanence. With permanence for six months, the price drops to 17.99 and 24.99 euros respectively during the same period.

The Infinite Endless rate of Yoigo is available by 39 euros without permanence, but it has the video quality limited to SD (480p).

Orange’s unlimited data rates are ruled out to share data through tethering, since this possibility is restricted to a maximum of 40 GB, and with these limits, there are cheaper rates on OMVs.

Between the rates no unlimited data, highlight the operators that have more gigs permanently, such as Lemonvil with its 70 GB for 25 euros or Xenet’s 50 GB for 20 euros, both with Orange coverage.

But they are joined by other proposals that have Vitaminized their rates with free extra gigabytes during the summer, so that Simyo allows you to add 30 GB to consume in a month, offering interesting combinations such as 65 GB for 17 euros or the 30 GB in promotion for 1 euro that costs Simyo’s cheapest rate. República Móvil gives away 10 GB a month, but when combined with their rates, they are not as attractive as Simyo, while something similar occurs with the Amena promotion.

With Vodafone coverage, the rate with more gigabytes is found in Fi Network, which has up to 96 GB for 20 euros thanks to its more complete rate combined with the summer promotion. It also has the advantage of accumulating unused gigas for the following month. Something similar occurs in Lowi, where it is possible to have 85 GB for 20 euros or 64 GB for 6.95 euros. And if you are a Vodafone customer, you will have unlimited data for free if your rate did not already have it.

With Movistar coverage, the rate that a priori is most generous is the Digi offer, with 30 GB accumulative for 20 euros. Instead, although O2 It offers 25 GB for 20 euros, allows you to add extra data bonuses of 30 GB for 10 euros, which make your most complete rate one of the best options.

Here are the rates with the most gigabytes during the summer:

Prepaid card rates with more gigabytes

Unlike the generous rates seen in the contract, the options in prepaid card rates without permanence they are not as abundant in gigas, although we also find several rates compatible with summer promotions that make them more attractive than usual. In addition, opting for a prepaid rate is an additional advantage: you can renew the rate before the end of the month, that is, you can hire the cheapest bond as many times as needed throughout the same month.

With Orange coverage Simyo again stands out as one of the options with the lowest average price of the giga by combining the extra 30 GB free during the summer with any of its rates, among which are the 35 GB for 17 euros as one of the most outstanding for this purpose. In Orange itself, you can have 45 GB per month for 20 euros with the hollidays rate and the summer promo.

With Vodafone coverage, it will be the operator itself who, thanks to its extra gigabytes throughout the summer, offers the best conditions, with renewable bonds at any time of 40 GB for 20 euros with your Prepaid L.

With Movistar coverage We have the 40 GB for 20 euros from Lycamobile.

With Yoigo coverage The 24 GB for 20 euros of Llamaya stand out.