43% of Mexicans believe that something was done wrong with the pandemic

In the most recent survey by El Financiero Bloomberg, 43 percent of Mexicans said that something was wrong, just when deaths from COVID-19 are about to reach 100,000 in Mexico.

The figure is higher than the 40 percent who considered the same last August, when 60,000 deaths were reported from the virus.

According to the survey of 410 Mexicans, 39 percent of those interviewed considered that this number of deaths was expected in a pandemic such as the coronavirus.

And 16 percent said that the death toll is low and could be worse.

This Tuesday, the Ministry of Health reported that there are already 99 thousand 26 people killed by the new coronavirus SARS-COV-2 in Mexico.

In addition, confirmed cases amounted to one million eleven thousand 153, detailed José Luis Alomía, general director of Epidemiology.

Meanwhile, the suspected cases with the possibility of a result of the COVID-19 disease increased to 61,345.

Hypertension, obesity and diabetes are, respectively, the first three conditions associated with deaths from coronavirus.

National survey conducted by telephone to 410 Mexican adults on November 14, 2020. A probabilistic sampling of residential and cell phones was carried out in the 32 states. With a 95% confidence level, the margin of error for the estimates is +/- 4.8 percent.

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Realization: Alejandro Moreno.

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