41% of companies in Mexico will increase their marketing budget in 2021

What is estimated for the third quarter of 2021 is that there is a recovery in investment, but also that advertisers take restrictive measures, as 43% said they will reduce their advertising spending in this period.

“This is due to the fact that what was destined to the creation of projects that were very prominent in the third quarter of 2020, such as actions with a cause and impact, with social messages in the face of the pandemic, will surely be resources destined to a different approach next year, which will have to do with the economic reactivation or value for the audiences ”, explained Richaud.

According to the IAB Mexico study, 80% of those surveyed will make changes to their communication strategy after a year of pandemic. While 47% will bet on audience segmentation, programmatic buying and the generation of messages that favor the value of the brand.

Digital marketing, the bet

During the coronavirus pandemic, 46% of companies in Mexico increased their advertising investment in digital channels, a practice that will be replicated in 2021, but now by 62% of those surveyed.

34% of them have preferred not to make budget adjustments in this area. And 4% foresee reductions.

According to Gabriel Richaud, traditional channels will regain their appeal next year, with an estimated 30% of advertisers turning to open and closed television, newspapers, magazines and Out Of Home (OOH). Unlike the 15% that allocated resources to these media during 2020.

In this area, 54% of advertisers have decided to maintain their budget for 2021, while 16% will choose to reduce it.

“With this outlook, what we are waiting for is that the severe adjustment that has been made in 2020 will gradually decrease. We can see that there is a relevant approach in which the opening and increase of investment has an important weight in digital channels, although the traditional ones are going to start to reactivate ”, explained the IAB Executive Director General.

The executive added that 2021 will represent a call for opportunity for the advertising ecosystem, regarding the support that must be provided to brands in their goal of achieving greater efficiency and impact of advertising investment in all sectors.