40% spike on your spending ceiling

Javier Tebas continues to inflate the bubble of Fuenlabrada. The club that has your son on its payroll received the second largest increase of the salary limit in the Second Division seeing their margin to pay players this season increased by 40% compared to the previous one. Only Almería –injected with money from the Saudi Sheikh Turki Al-Sheikh– surpassed the Madrilenians in their salary limit, improving their salary limit by 52%, although 11 clubs in the category have had to drastically cut their expenses compared to the previous period.

As OKDIARIO has been telling in recent months, Fuenlabrada is not exactly a club that can gain economic muscle. Madrilenians have presented problems in the payment of suppliers, with the Treasury and have even starred in a controversial revaluation from the Fernando Torres stadium after managing to inflate its value by three compared to what was ruled by Tinsa. Not in vain, they carried out their annual accounts for last season with “exceptions” and reflecting in them that cash payments were made of doubtful origin. The auditors were eventually fired for writing these findings.

That has not prevented the League, which is the one who sets the salary limit according to the risk of not paying for each club, decided to give them a big push by allowing them to spend on salaries this season 5.7 millions of euros. It is curious that clubs that recently served in the First Division, like Girona or Malaga, do not have the authorization to spend more capital than the club chaired by Jonathan Praena.

It must be remembered that Fuenlabrada has been the club that has paid the most money in the last transfer market in the category bordering on the figure of three million euros, while it has not entered a penny in terms of sales. The Madrid club disbursed those amounts in the signings of Álex Mula, Aboubakary Kanté and Aldair Fuentes presenting a negative total balance this summer of 2.75 million euros, as revealed by Transfermarkt.

The club, as if that were not enough, It has stopped entering money for tickets and ticket office for an amount that oscillates the 150,000 euros this season. That has not prevented the League – which is the one who decides the salary limit – from having increased its ceiling for salary spending by 1.6 million euros. To give us an idea, the Madrilenians rose in the 2019/20 season together with Ponferradina and Mirandés, both teams having experienced a salary increase of 5.63% and 7.66%, or what is the same: an average of less than 300,000 euros of increase in your salary limit.

Thebes may be excused that his Fuenlabrada finished eighth in the competition last season and was awarded a prize of 150,000 euros for it, but it is no less true that the Mirandés was eleventh and has hardly noticed changes in its budget. The Castilian-Leonese have spent a whopping 130,000 euros on signings to hire Víctor Meseguer, while Madrid people have rubbed shoulders with the sheiks of the competition. Almería outnumber them because they received a millionaire income from the sale of Darwin Núñez for 24 million euros, while Fuenlabrada has not pocketed a penny from the sale of footballers.

The business of Thebes in Fuenlabrada

The Prosecutor’s Office continues its investigation into Javier Tebas’s relationship with Fuenlabrada after several emails published by OKDIARIO where it is clear that the president of the League continues to maintain relations with the club when he was already a member of the Second Division in the 2019/20 season. The president of the club’s employers’ association has denied the greatest, despite the evidence, although what he has not been able to hide is the business relationship that his son maintains – Secretary who has not been a member of the club since October 2019 – and that his office Tebas y Coiduras received a payment of more than 100,000 euros in early 2018 for advising Fuenlabrada.

Thebes has pulled out its claws to defend a team that traveled to La Coruña with a coronavirus outbreak causing a health crisis in the city, at the same time that adulterated the final result of the competition forcing to cancel the last match of the season. The president of the League assumed responsibility for that trip saying publicly on social networks that he authorized that recklessness against public health. At that time, several clubs showed their rejection of the behavior of the president who, far from moderating in his favorable arbitration towards Madrid, tried to favor them to achieve promotion to the First Division. That was lost by Tebas in the field, but now he seems not to want surprises and has blatantly favored Fuenlabrada again to improve his squad. In the past, President Praena boasted that Thebes would settle their accounts in a pinch. Everything seems well tied, but the question is clear: how long are the clubs going to allow this?