Some forty families illegally occupy the recreational property that the UTPBA has in Moreno

In its heyday, at the beginning of the year 2000, the recreational center that the Union of Press Workers of Buenos Aires (UTPBA) has in Moreno it was the preferred place for its members to share a weekend with family and friends. There was always an excuse that summoned them: a barbecue in the barbecue area, a birthday at the SUM, a lunch in its spacious restaurant, a stay at the campsite, a day of enjoyment in its Olympic pool, a soccer game or simply an afternoon outdoors to make use of its social and sports facilities. But today their reality is different: those 14 hectares are not only totally destroyed but are illegally occupied by more than 100 people.

The only thing that remained intact is the main entrance gate to the property, which is located on General Hornos Street, and the ligustrina that defines its surface. The rest was reduced to ruins by the action of vandalism groups that planned these attacks with treachery to render the place useless and proceed with the taking of the land.

“It is a process that began in 2010 with robberies, destruction, fires that occurred week after week. We made reforms in the recreational center and two days later they entered and destroyed the reconstruction work, which was carried out by members and even residents of Moreno ”, he told Infobae Lidia Fagale, General Secretary of UTPBA, ​​who assured that behind what happened « there was political complicity. »

Despite the efforts made by the union for its building recovery, the complex had to close its doors in 2016. “It was left like scorched earth, without infrastructure. Tools and machinery were stolen from the warehouse with which maintenance tasks were carried out, the pumps and the pool filters were stolen; they set fire to the restaurant and the barbecue areas, destroyed the changing rooms, dismantled the children’s play area and devastated the parking lot and about 900 meters of road with casuarinas for horseback riding and trekking, ”explained Fagale. « The investment we had to make was such that we were forced to close down », he regretted after so many years of fighting to avoid having to reach that situation.

The usurpation took place in June 2019 and more than a year after the fact the justice still did not even register its occupants

But the worst was yet to come and a year after the union made that decision, an event occurred that aroused suspicions about a political network to decide on the fate of the place. “One morning in 2017, a woman with five men attended in a van to take measurements of the property. Was introduced as Miryam Juárez, Secretary of the Union of Civil Personnel of the Nation (UPCN), of the Moreno delegation, and he said that his sister Lilian Juárez worked in the municipality’s cadastre area, ”Fagale said.

What no one knew at that time was that the Juárez sisters were already being investigated for defrauding the State with the granting of false medical licenses, secondary degrees and apocryphal courses for public school doormen in the Moreno district.

Aerial map of the property: 1) pools 2) restaurant and grills 3) Multipurpose Room

“Myriam Juárez assured that UTBA did not have title to the recreational complex and that it owed taxes, something that was totally false. Later we found out that this group also engaged in fraudulent maneuvers to seize land by tripping deeds. That woman acted with the political complicity of the then mayor Walter Festa, one of the main references of La Cámpora, ”said the union leader.

The neighbors even told her that they saw her on several occasions surveying the property and taking measures. Warned by what happened, the UTBA sent a letter to the Secretary General of the UPCN, Andrés Rodíguez, who replied that « I was unaware of the actions of Juárez and that surely the woman hid behind the union to act on her own », Fagale specified.

Aerial map of the property taken: 1) paddle tennis courts and multisport beach 3) soccer fields 4) changing rooms, bathrooms and wash basins 5) barbecue areas and grills 6) parking lot 7) 900 meters of road with casuarinas for horseback riding and hiking

After several months of tense calm, in June 2019 some 40 families forcibly entered the property, improvised land subdivisions and set up boxes. « We do not know who the instigators of the takeover were but we are convinced that behind all this there are political and real estate mafias that are now investigating the justice system, » said the woman.

As among the occupants there are economically needy families, the UTPBA never encouraged a violent evacuation of the campsite, but it did act in defense of the collective interests of thousands of press workers by demanding their restitution through legal channels.

The judge in charge of the case is Dr. Gabriel Castro from Court of Guarantees No. 2 of Moreno, whose process number is IPP-19-00-016872-19. The complaint had been made in the UFI No. 5 of the same locality, in charge of doctor Emiliano Buscalia.

The UTPBA property is sold in Paraguay through social networks

“When making the judicial complaint, a number of procedures were established where different areas of the State intervene to verify the situation of social vulnerability of the usurpers. But that process did not even begin and we are still waiting for a census, which will be would do just in three weeks « Fagale was outraged.

In an attempt to explain the delays in the evictions, Dr. Buscaglia explained that the Supreme Court of the Province of Buenos Aires issued a resolution, in April 2019, that « It forces the judges to comply with a new protocol that has quite cumbersome measures and that came to complicate the panorama a bit. » For the prosecutor « the most difficult thing is to individualize the people who participate in the taking because they are often reluctant and prevent determining the number of adults and the number of children. »

These delays in the judicial proceedings made the groups behind the takeovers operate with total impunity and advance on other private properties. According to the information provided by the new authorities of the Municipality of Moreno (whose mayor is the Kirchnerista Mariel Fernández, who imposed on Walter Festa in the intern) to the UTPBA, ​​in the last month there were 22 simultaneous shots.

The proliferation of families in vulnerable situations who decide to violate the law to get a place to live does not only occur in Moreno. Prosecutors and judges investigating land seizures in La Matanza, Merlo, Berazategui, Presidente Perón and La Plata are also convinced that they are acting with some political protection and They are investigating whether La Cámpora, the Evita Movement or the Confederation of Workers of the Popular Economy (CTEP) instigate land seizures in the Conurbano.

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