For many decades, cartoons were a genre directed especially at children and adolescents. However, in recent years, excellent animations have been made in order to reach an adult audience, as they touch deeper themes, have a more acidic humor or even become more raw.

Next we will talk about 4 animated shows for adults that you can see in Netflix and you will love them.

BoJack Horseman

In an anthropomorphic world where animals have semi-human bodies, this series tells the story of Bojack, a television star in the nineties who finds himself in a circle of self-destruction that he does not know, in a life of excess and selfishness.

Why is it unmissable? With a great sense of humor he touches on important social issues such as abortion, addictions, loneliness and emptiness.


Based on the video game of the same name, Castlevania is a dark and violent anime that tells the story of a vampire hunter who seeks revenge and arrest Dracula, guilty of the murder of his wife. It features visually amazing action scenes.

Why is it unmissable? Its visual style is quite attractive, its story is solid and if you are a fan of the video game, it will take you to the next level.

Big mouth

There are few things in life as uncomfortable and unpleasant as going through puberty and Big Mouth represents it perfectly. The animation focuses on different characters who have to coexist with various “monsters” such as libido and hormones every day, all without going crazy. It is an excellent metaphor of what it is to grow.

Why is it unmissable? It will make you remember puberty / adolescence and all that whirlwind of emotions you had at that time, with an acid and irreverent humor.


Visually, Beastars picks up the Bojack Horseman-like character design, featuring animals with semi-human forms. However, this animation focuses on a detective investigating the murder of an alpaca, in a world where there is a treaty that dictates that predators should not eat their prey.

Why is it unmissable? It is a thriller with all the essence and mystery of the best Japanese anime, like an animated ‘True Detective’.