4 tips to save energy when using the microwave oven

If you are one of those who uses the microwave oven to heat all your food, you have to know that this is one of the devices that consumes the most electrical energy. Although it is true that its use can make life much easier, it is best to use it in a moderate way so that the electricity bill does not reach so high.

Similarly, it is not so advisable to use the microwave to heat all kinds of food, there is always the option of putting it on the stove. If in your case you have very little time to have your food ready and you use the oven a lot, we give you 4 tips to save energy when using it.

Use the oven when necessary. Photo: Reforma 1. Do not open it ahead of time

If you program it for a certain amount of time, avoid opening it before, in the same way if you heat your food but you are still doing something else and you are not going to eat yet, leave them in the microwave to keep warm, this will avoid having to reheat them , which would imply reusing this appliance.

2. Heat various things

Depending on the capacity of your oven, consider heating several things at the same time, you can do it with food in small quantities. For example, it is not the same thing that you heat water in the oven to make a coffee than a meal that needs more time to be good.

3. Use circular containers

This will help the food heat up more evenly so you don’t need to put it in the oven any longer. In the same way, try to distribute the food on the plate so that it can heat everything up just by putting it in the microwave once.

If you put very large amounts and do not distribute them on the plate, you will most likely need to put them in the oven several times to get them to heat up.

4. Use stretch paper

This type of plastic wrap helps food to stay hot longer, this way you will avoid putting the same dish in the oven several times. In the same way, if you have a family dinner and you will use the microwave to heat everything you cooked, preferably do it at the time they are going to eat since if you do it before, you will most likely need to put it in several times.

One of the advantages of microwave ovens is that they can heat food in a very short time, take advantage of that ability to use it correctly and make it work more, this could be reflected in less light consumption and therefore your bill will not it comes so expensive.

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